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The HDMS/HPS will be used, under the license of Elbit Systems Limited, for Indian Naval helicopters and other rotary wing platforms of Armed Forces.
co-existence of Jews and Muslims can never bring peace, Israeli Prime Minister son's had written
Tel Aviv and Goa to have a direct flight, to ensure easy travel of tourists from both sides.
The Barak 8 surface to air defense system has been designed to intercept any kind of airborne threat.
The community members reportedly gathered in the Magen Abraham Synagogue to celebrate
India hopes to arm all its infantry battalions with the latest 3rd generation ATGMs
A team from Israel is expected to visit Bundelkhand soon
He has earlier used social media to give hate speech and create communal tension.
Netanyahu said that the radical Islam is a 'challenge to our way of life'.
Moshe was saved by his Indian nanny, Sandra Samuels, after terrorists gunned down his parents.
The partnership is bearing fruits for Indian farmers
Congress' reaction is immature and unbecoming of a worthy opposition.
Communists seem to harbour strange delusions of grandeur
Israel is a good friend, and India must treat it better than we have historically
This visit by PM Modi is very significant for a variety of reasons

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