Tuesday, July 27, 2021


Benjamin Netanyahu

Jews in Gujarat to receive minority status soon

The community members reportedly gathered in the Magen Abraham Synagogue to celebrate

India and Israel to finalise deal for 4500 Spike missiles worth USD 500 million, say reports

India hopes to arm all its infantry battalions with the latest 3rd generation ATGMs

Bundelkhand to be modelled using Israeli techniques in agriculture

A team from Israel is expected to visit Bundelkhand soon

Actor who says he will choose ‘Quran over Constitution’, gets support from AAP, Hardik Patel and Pakistan

He has earlier used social media to give hate speech and create communal tension.

Israeli Prime Minister calls to unite against ‘Radical Islam’ terror

Netanyahu said that the radical Islam is a 'challenge to our way of life'.

9 years after Pakistani terrorists gunned down his parents, 11 year old Moshe returns ‘home’.

Moshe was saved by his Indian nanny, Sandra Samuels, after terrorists gunned down his parents.

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