Tuesday, June 28, 2022



Congress double standard on the Sabarimala verdict: Support first then ‘satyagraha’ to oppose

One can only guess what is Congress' actual stand on Sabarimala verdict or is it playing it safe by confounding the public?

Aaj Tak managing editor rejects conspiracy theories about govt putting ‘pressure’ on media

Supriya Prasad said that he has never faced pressure from the government regarding any news broadcast.

To the eminent journalists: Here is what ‘co-opted media’ truly looks like

The 'co-opted' media is visible in every page we see

Move over ‘biased’ media, the new tools of propaganda are here

The next level of political propaganda.

Why we can do without the hypocrisy of Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson

When dynasty serving 'intellectuals' spread propaganda

What has happened to Hindustan Times’ database ‘hate-tracker’?

Has social media struck another Goliath?

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