Saturday, May 15, 2021



Kejriwal government hurting our morale by insulting us: IAS association

Delhi government has often blamed the bureaucrats whenever an issue of governance is raised.

Allegations against Kiren Rijiju and the controversial officer at the heart of it

Are corruption charges against the union minister tenable?

Armed forces vs Civil services – when the tail wags the dog

The Government of India needs to rationalise the structure and relationship between the two.

Check pictures on condom packs and explain “daaru” in a random song: Courts to govt

While the Chief Justice of India says that the judges were overworked, courts are admitting and entertaining frivolous PILs.

Indian Meteorological Department – What to make of them?

Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) is one of those departments where the government needs to invest more with the latest technologies and equipments.

Here are your three enemies who don’t want you to watch porn online

Some PIL activists, a clueless government, and some strict archaic laws - deadly combo of three that won't allow you to watch porn.

BJP can’t get away with “routine transfer” excuse on Ashok Khemka

In absence of proper communication, transfer of Ashok Khemka appears to have been done under pressure from transport lobby.

AAP crushing dissent within the party as well as within the government?

Almost acting vindictively, the AAP government of Delhi is removing bureaucrats on flimsy grounds.

With Modi on the steering, acceptance for inefficiency and corruption at top-level is going down

The recent trend of PM sacking corrupt and inefficient bureaucrats should raise the benchmark of politics

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