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Matua, Rajbanshi & Namashudra communities in Bengal celebrate CAA: Modi heard the 4 crore Hindus whose miseries Mamata was oblivious to

The happiness of the people of the Matua community in West Bengal knew no bounds after the Modi government on March 11 notified the Citizenship Amendment Act

MHA directs 2 Gujarat districts to grant citizenship to persecuted minorities from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh: Details

MHA released a directive allowing collectors in Gujarat's Mehsana and Anand districts to provide citizenship certificates to applicants under the Citizenship Act of 1955.

TMC leader lied about being Indian, is a Bangladeshi: Read how Court dismissed petition against 2021 election loss, tells EC to take action

Given that 'dual citizenship' is not valid in India, it means that Alo Rani Sarkar was not an Indian citizen when she contested polls as a TMC candidate.

Assam govt decides not to prosecute Gorkhas under the Citizenship Act, to withdraw all cases against them in Foreigners Tribunals

Assam govt will withdraw all cases against Gorkhas pending in Foreigners Tribunals for failing to prove their citizenshiip

Muslim League moves to SC against Modi govt’s order for citizenship to persecuted minorities in 13 districts, calls it ‘back-door CAA’

The petition further claimed that if the applicants are granted citizenship and the Supreme Court strikes down CAA, it would be a "herculean task" and "near impossible: to take back the citizenships given.

Nepal proposes to amend Citizenship Act that applies to all foreigners, Indian media claims it applies only to Indians and misquotes Indian law

Nepal govt wants to add 7 year waiting period for citizenship to foreigners married to Nepalis, Indian media lies that it applies only to Indians

As Muslim rioters go on rampage, open fire at police in Delhi’s Jaffrabad area, liberals insinuate ‘Bhagwa terror’: Here’s how it’s misleading

A closer look at the images shared on Twitter shows that these rioters are carrying orange crates in their hands and not orange flags as ridiculously claimed by these 'liberals'.

‘There must be huge mass movement if Muslims are sent to detention camps due to CAA’: P Chidambaram instigates students in JNU

CAA must be repealed and there should be a political struggle so that NPR is pushed beyond 2024: P Chidambaram

Saba Naqvi continues to fear-monger, conjures up a story of Hindi speaking Afghan refugee moving to Australia ‘because of CAA’

The incorrigible fake news peddler Saba Naqvi has many times in the past attempted to pull off similar antics

Muslims refugees can continue to get citizenship as per provisions of Citizenship Act, CAA does not prevent that: Government clarifies in Lok Sabha

MHA clarifies in parliament that CAA does not prevent any legal immigrants to get Indian citizenship

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