Tuesday, July 5, 2022



CNN IBN journalist gets roasted for soft ball interview with Rahul Gandhi

The journalist even expressed a desire to meet Rahul Gandhi's dog Pidi

CNN-News18 journalist spreads fake news about gang-rape over beef eating in UP

When caught by Uttar Pradesh police for spreading lies, the journalist accused the police of endorsing abuses.

Modi Government takes strong action against media for airing fake ‘sahayak’ videos

Media will finally face the wrath of the government.

News18 tries to cover up after wrongly quoting Deepak Parekh over demonetisation

The news channel misquoted the HDFC Chairman, and later quietly changed the report.

SIMI encounter tapes prove terrorists too fired at police, but media claims opposite

The tapes help the cops more than they hurt them. It is clear that they were engaged in a gun battle.

CNN News 18 gets a lesson in reporting from the HRD Minister

Another day, another MSM attempt to obfuscate the truth

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