Monday, September 20, 2021


dk shivakumar

Congress gets a taste of its own medicine as BJP threatens a ‘bandh’ if farm loans are not waived

Congress has repeatedly targeted the BJP about farm loan waiver issue and conflated the meaning of 'loan waiver' and 'loan write off'. 

Karnataka man of the match, DK Shivakumar is reportedly unhappy even as Opposition puts up a united front

All does not seem well even as Congress-JDS face floor test tomorrow.

‘Kannada Pride’ Congress swallows the bitterness based on ‘UP ka ladka’ Rahul Gandhi’s whims

Former Chief Minister has regularly attacked Narendra Modi and Yogi Adityanath as being outsiders in Karnataka.

Resort politics: Congress leader hints at a plan to ‘safeguard’ his MLAs

Congress looking to safeguard its MLAs from being poached

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