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‘Coronavirus vaccine will be injected as a biometric chip to access private data’: Christian evangelist launches anti-vaccine propaganda

Sundar Selvaraj, a Christian evangelist who owns 'Angel TV', aired a show in August this year in which he claims that the vaccine has an in-built data-stealing chip which is a 'mark of the beast'.

Even as the scientists and pharma companies across the world are working towards developing vaccines to end the menace of Chinese coronavirus pandemic, a Christian evangelist group in Tamil Nadu is caught indulging in act of brainwashing innocent people through its TV channel and peddling false propaganda against coronavirus vaccine.

Sundar Selvaraj, a Christian tele-evangelist who owns ‘Angel TV’, aired a show in August this year where he claims that the Coronavirus vaccine has an in-built chip. Instigating people against the vaccination drive, Selvaraj asked people to ‘run away from the vaccine’ as it has the ‘mark of the beast’.

Selvaraj, who dresses in saffron, is known for his proselytisation activities, further says he had warned about serious danger to the world as big tech-companies are coming with a ‘chip’ in the form of coronavirus vaccine to get access to their personal data.

In his show, the evangelist claims that philanthropist Bill Gates is joining hands with GAVI – the alliance of Vaccine developers and Trust Stamp – a company which according to Selvaraj that invests in developing biometrical digital identity, to develop a biometric-chip in the form of a vaccine to bring all people into one system.

According to Selvaraj, the big-tech companies have joined hands with vaccine alliance to develop a vaccine for coronavirus. This vaccine, which he refers to as ‘mark of the beast’ is nothing but a chip that will be injected to people across the country. The biometric chip, injected as a vaccine, will have all the data of a person which will be used for carrying out financial transactions in the future, according to him.

“This is certainly the wrath of the beast the Bible has warned us about. Let me repeat one more time. If this is an ordinary vaccine, it is no harm. But if the other two forces are joining together, the digital identity and a financial transaction ability joining together… then in the name of Lord Jesus Christ I warn you today run away from it”, evangelist Sundar Selvaraj says in his show.

The Christian tele-evangelist also spreads false fears among the public saying that the purpose of injecting vaccine is to get everybody into their fold of digital transactions. Further, he says people who opt out of getting vaccinated will not be allowed to carry out any financial transactions in the future.

False propaganda against coronavirus vaccine through tele-serials

Not just his live shows, the Angel TV has also produced various other tele-series to spread false propaganda against the coronavirus drive, according to the CommuneMag report.

In one show broadcast by Angel TV, a poor woman and her child is seen watching evangelist Sundar Selvaraj making these claims on Angel TV. The child asks the visibly panicked mother what ‘grandpa’ (evangelist) is saying.

The mother, who seems to be a follower of Selvaraj, says, “Many are dying from the plague (coronavirus), isn’t it? A vaccine has been found now. But it has the chip of the mark of the beast. So we must not get vaccinated. That is what ‘grandpa’ is saying”.

In the video that is being played in the background, Sundar Selvaraj can be heard in the background saying “don’t get deceived and get spoilt”.

The show further depicts, on the day of the vaccination drive, the mother and the child is shown standing in the queue with a voiceover [supposedly of ‘Jesus Christ’] saying, “Dear daughter Sumithra (a supposed Jesus Christ believing woman with a Hindu name), Look at the injection carefully! It is not just a vaccine. The mark of the beast is hidden in it! Pay careful attention to it! This is what you read in the book of revelation. If you take the mark of the beast, you cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven.”

After hearing the voice of Jesus, Sumithra then asks herself, “What should I do now?” to which the voiceover (Jesus) responds, “You warn them about this”.

Sumitra then immediately turns and asks people to not get vaccinated. “As the Lord has said in the Bible, it has the mark of the beast in it”, Sumithra exclaims.

Two other ladies also join Sumitra to discuss how a pastor had warned them about such things happening. A few other villagers ask Sumithra if she had gone mad.

To which Sumithra responds by saying if the vaccine is injected to them, they would all end up in hell. The crowd then agrees to her.

Interestingly, a local politician wearing a ‘saffron’ shawl can also be seen as the organiser of the camp. In the video, the ‘saffron’ clad leader is shown yelling at Sumithra ‘forcing’ her get to vaccines. The doctor rises from his seat and also tells Sumithra that it is just a chip that is for her own good. A visibly agitated Sumithra then listens to the voice and runs away with her son.

At a time when the world is engulfed in the battle to fight out the coronavirus pandemic, this kind of fear-mongering against the vaccine is not only condemnable but also raises questions on the evil intentions of these evangelist groups, who are misguiding innocent people to stay away from the coronavirus cure.

The opposition to vaccines strangely comes not just from Christian communities but also from the Muslim community, who are averse to vaccination of any kind claiming that it is a part of a conspiracy to sterilize their children. There are several instances where health workers have been attacked and hounded out of Muslim-majority areas whenever there is a vaccination drive. Mass vaccination drives have often found resistance from Muslims, due to superstitions and a prevalent belief that the vaccines are against their religion, or may make their children sterile.

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