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The Lok Sabha speaker instructed Congress leaders to behave in a dignified manner in the Parliament.
India has issued the first 25% of the over 59,000 crore deal to the French government.
Government defends the Rafale deal, says all procedures followed
Akhilesh Yadav has claimed that India is getting single seat Rafale instead of twin-seater version
Dassault selected Reliance on its own, clarified CEO Éric Trappier
The French defence expert has confirmed that the so-called Dassault official documents are actually trade union leaflets
France had earlier confirmed the existence of a secrecy clause in the Rafale deal.
Rahul Gandhi's allegations regarding Rafale have been outrageous, but this one takes the cake
As the election season approaches, Rahul Gandhi has determined that the Rafale deal is the best strategy to corner Narendra Modi
The former President of France Hollande saying that he is unaware of any pressure applied by the Indian government
They were insisting on the RIL group company to be their partner.
In a Twitter thread, Mihir Shah calls out factual inaccuracies in Shekhar Gupta's column
The AICC legal cell has stated that the Congress party thinks the apex court is not a forum for raising such an issue.
Advocate ML Sharma is known for filling PILs in Supreme Court on various issues, many of which have been dismissed by the apex court
Ambani said that he was personally saddened by the allegations hurled by Rahul Gandhi
NewX has accessed the copy of the Rafale deal papers, which clearly proves Rahul lied on the floor of the house

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