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181 Christian converts in Garhwa district, Jharkhand perform Gharwapsi to tribal Sarna religion: Details

The tribals reverted back to their traditional faith at a 'Ghar Wapasi' program organised at Garhwa district in Jharkhand.

Uttar Pradesh: Muslim man’s family reverts to Hinduism in Rae Bareli, members of madarsa, village head try to burn them alive

Mohammad Anwar, a resident of a Rae Bareli village, about three months back had reverted to Hinduism.

Haryana: 35 members of 6 families do ‘Ghar Wapsi’, come back to Hindu fold

The members of the 6 families participated in a Yagna and havan, wore Janaeu and embraced Hinduism.

Gharwapsi on the day of Ram Lalla’s homecoming: 50 Muslim families embrace Hinduism in Rajasthan, say ancestors were Hindus

Muslims of 50 families who decided to convert to Hinduism said that their ancestors were Hindus are were forcefully converted

‘Had converted to Islam during rule of Aurangzeb’: 250 Muslims from 40 families convert to Hinduism in Haryana

250 Muslims from 40 families converted to Hinduism in Bidhmira village in Hisar district of Haryana

Ghar Wapsi: VHP says it has brought 25,000 Muslims and Christians back to Hinduism in 2018

Addressing a press conference, Parande said conversion was a national problem, also an attack on the country and a conspiracy to divide its people.

Gharwapsi: 98 converted Christians come back to Hinduism in Tripura

The poor tribals from Jharkhand and Bihar were reportedly lured into Christianity after they lost their jobs in the Sonamukhi tea plantation.

Incessant badgering from Muslim in-laws compels man to embrace Hinduism

A non-observant Muslim was constantly harassed by his devout in-laws to follow the doctrinal instructions of Islam

Gujarat: 200 tribal families who had converted to Christianity return to Hinduism

Nearly 200 tribal Christian families that had earlier converted to Christianity returned to Hinduism in a Hindu Dharma Jagran Sammelan organised at the Biliya-Aslona village of Valsad district, Gujarat

Baghpat: 20 members of a Muslim family become Hindus

The family alleges that Muslim goons of the village had murdered their son and the police are not helping them

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