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UP: Hina Ali leaves Islam and adopts Hinduism, was distressed about Badaun murder case and changed her name to Sangeeta after the mother of...

Hina and Mahesh married according to Hindu customs in Mata Kali temple in Sitapur city of Uttar Pradesh (UP).

Gujarat: Ashish Goswami of Jetpur who converted to Islam to marry a Bangladeshi Muslim girl does a Ghar Wapasi, returns to Hinduism

Ashish Goswami who became Sheikh Mohammad Alsami did a Ghar Wapasi on the advice of Mahant Kanhaiyanand Maharaj

MP: Fazil Khan willingly accepts Hinduism and marries a Hindu girl in a Ram Mandir, says he is happy to accept Janeu in front...

A Muslim man named Fazil Khan willingly converted his religion from Islam to Hinduism and married a Hindu girl in Kareli, Madhya Pradesh

Bangladeshi Muslim woman meets Bageshwar Dham Sarkar, says she finds peace in Lord Rama’s name, wants to embrace Sanatan Dharma

The woman said that she wanted to leave Islam and be part of Hindu religion. She said that she believed in Lord Rama and that she found peace in chanting the name of Lord Rama.

Muslim woman given Triple Talaq, forced to do Halala converts to Hinduism and marries Rahul, writes to police about threats from her ‘dreaded’ family

Neha said that her first husband who was a Muslim, used to assault her getting drunk. She had three children from her first husband.

UP: Sabina of Bareilly marries Sompal in the Agastya Muni Ashram, becomes Hindu, and requests police to provide security

Sabina and Sompal contacted Pandit KK Shankhdhar of the Agastya Muni Ashram who agreed to solemnize their marriage.

Iram, Shehnaaz, and now Amrina: Muslim woman from Bareilly marries Pappu, says fear of triple talaq is over

After converting to Hinduism, Amrina named herself Radhika. She said, "I am married to Pappu"

Uttar Pradesh: 9 members of a Muslim family welcomed back into Hinduism, say ancestors were forcefully converted to Islam 150 years ago

Akil, now known as Rohit Saini said that his ancestors were Hindus, but around 150 years ago they were forcefully converted to Islam.

Clement Lakda’s battle against Christian evangelists: Ground report on how missionaries in Chhattisgarh converted tribals to grab their lands

Clement Lakda is one among many tribals in Chhattisgarh whose ancestors were converted by Christian missionaries with the motive of grabbing their land.

Madhya Pradesh: Ikra becomes Ishika after willingly accepting Hinduism and marries a Hindu boy, asks her Islamist family to stay away

Rahul and Ishika signed a marriage agreement in the Udaipur Court and then got married in Madasaur again following Hindu rituals.

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