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Police had already arrested the man on charges of blasphemy, but the mob wanted to punish him.
He is also been pressurized to convert to Islam
The Uttar Pradesh man had married a girl from West Bengal and now suspects foul play by his in-laws
A though endorsed by Mainstream journalists, Congress party leaders, and civic society
In the religion column of the census form, ‘Hinduism’ and ‘Scheduled Castes’ appear as different options.
The man Manish Agarwal is a resident of village Jalali in Uttar Pradesh
The terror organisation doesn't just want to target 'infidels' like Hindus, but also some Muslim sects.
The Sadhvi has also spoken vividly about her plight in her video
Many people are taking about ‘polarization’, but if it happened, what caused it?
In what appears to be a divide & rule policy, govt has come up with this scheme when drivers are protesting against cab aggregating companies.
The district in Bihar saw stone pelting by Muslim and Hindu groups over installation of Hanuman idol.
The efforts and ideas behind resettling Kashmiri Hindus are not rooted in realities of today.
Hope, Hype, or Hoax? What is this 'Kashmiriyat' that is celebrated as the spirit of the Kashmir Valley?
Activists claim that no compensation has been paid to the family of the boy who died due to burn injuries.
Report filed by India Today news channel confirms communal riots in West Bengal.
Court refused to give any relief on religious grounds and asked the petitioners to cooperate.
While various reports point to communal riots, Rajdeep Sardesai insists on not probing it.
Owaisi has claimed that Muslims were being discriminated during the demonetisation drive.
How the media and the society was fooled by a person’s imaginary story of victimhood.
Several months after the claim was labelled fake, the truth rears its head
An ode to the SC, to make religious customs safe
A flashback into what kaanwar yatra was and what it signified, and why some people hate it now.
Washington Post creates a story on journalism in India based on half-baked data.
Kejriwal is being accused of insulting Hindus and Lord Hanuman
I was invited to participate in NDTV’s Sabarimala Debate. Far from a research-based discussion, it was an anti-Hindu gameshow
Masood Azhar finds sympathizers and apologists in India.
When Hindus started recognizing their identity, the Western media became quick to brand them intolerant
Commentaries given by many BJP leaders on the Dadri type even are shaking the faith in the organization

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