Tuesday, July 23, 2024


india above politics

Remaking the idea of India: My suggestions for the “right”

The elections may be over, but we have to seize the moment and run with it as fast as possible, get a big lead when the other side is still in the dust and struggling to get up

Congress downplays Israeli PM Netanyahu’s India visit by putting out a juvenile and offensive video

Congress' reaction is immature and unbecoming of a worthy opposition.

AAP celebrates 5 years of ‘revolution’, Twitter reminds them of their broken promises

Social media users show the newest political outfit the mirror.

Read why social media users are appalled at Radio Mirchi

Mirchi sunne wale hue nakhush!

Decoding NDTV’s mysterious U-Turn: India above Politics

Buckling under pressure, a nationalistic turn, or something else?

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