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Indonesia: Man almost marries the wrong woman after Google Maps guides him to the wrong location

After the groom's party enter the bride's house for a wedding in Indonesia, someone in the group realised they are in the wrong house

Suicide bomber detonates himself outside a Church in Indonesia ahead of Easter

Priest Wilhelmus Tulak said he heard a "very loud explosion" at around 10.30 am on Sunday after a second mass finished. He had that suspected bomber who attempted to enter the church grounds on a motorbike but was stopped by a security guard.

World’s oldest known artwork is of a warty pig, found in Indonesia’s Sulawesi Islands

The warty pig cave painting located in Leang Tedongnge cave in Sulawesi Island is believed to be created by humans using red ochre pigment.

China’s corona vaccine under trial in Brazil has shown less than 60% efficacy: Reports

Sao Paulo's Butantan Biomedical Centre had earlier stated that Sinovac's vaccine candidate is 78% effective in mild cases.

Indonesia: Boeing 737-500 of Sriwijaya Air loses contact minutes after taking off from Jakarta

The Sriwijaya Air flight SJ182 disappeared from radar screens around 4 minutes after take-off from Jakarta to Pontianak

Health worker suspended after having gay sex with COVID-19 patient in a hospital toilet in Indonesia

A man, who tested positive for coronavirus in Jakarta, had sex with a nurse in toilet of the hospital and shared it on social media.

As Muslims issue fatwas against Coronavirus vaccine and wonder if it would be ‘halal’ or haram, Saudi prince gets first dose

Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, has received the first dose of the Coronavirus vaccine after its recent launch

Muslims worry whether Covid-19 vaccines are halal as they may contain pork products

Spokespersons for Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca have said that pork products are not an ingredient of their Coronavirus vaccines.

Indonesia: Highest Muslim body to provide Covid vaccine with halal certificate, expected to boost immunization process in the Muslim-majority country

The highest Muslim body in Indonesia is expected to issue a halal certificate for experimental Coronavirus vaccine.

Indonesian radical Muslims change words of Azan from ‘hurry to the prayer’ to ‘rise up for Jihad’: Here is what happened

A verse of the chant, which originally means “hurry to the prayer”, has been changed to “hayya alal jihad”, or “rise up for jihad” in Azan

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