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Be aware of evil in the world, but don’t let it define you as a person.
It is the responsibility of Hindutva-wadis to preserve, spread and propagate our culture worldwide. 
It's not paranoia if they are really out to get us
IPS officer had shared a picture with BJP leader Subramanian Swamy
This is not the first time Ram has spewed venom
Rahul Gandhi will be even weaker Prime Minister than Manmohan Singh. India, especially Hindus, can not afford this tragedy.
Narendra Modi is in China for a bilateral meet between the two countries,
Mankind evolved, but trace elements of the jungle remained
I want the rapists to be hanged, right away. But sorry, I am not joining these 'outragers' who have an agenda.
Try to hide as hard as she may, her contempt for our forefathers is evident
The trial has begun more than four years after the incident was reported
Liberals decided to malign Holi because one girl allegedly threw semen filled balloons at other girls
From 'The Scroll' to 'Rising Kashmir', the hurt is visible.
How dare he have self-respect, they ask.
Wide gap in scrutiny and criticism of patriarchy, harassment and anti-women practices in the 'secular -liberal' constituency is a matter of great concern to a neutral bystander in the debate.
Manohar Parikkar's words were seemingly taken out of context
Give us total freedom of expression and watch the masks of liberalism slip away
Oh what a tangled web they weave
The 'right' doesn't have 'Secular Privilege" and it's better that way
The aftermath of the whole incident also raises some serious questions
An exclusive report that exposes how the 'intellectuals' and 'activists' are ending up helping professional assassins.
In the coming days, whether Hindus in Bengal are able to stand up for their rights remains to be seen.
Who is responsible for turning Indian secularism into such a joke over 70 years? Time to introspect.
Three Ds - disguise, disenchantment, denial - are the quintessential 'qualities' of an Indian pseudo-liberal.
A response by Anand Ranganathan about use of data to prove whether mob lynchings have gone up.

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