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Bill SB403 and the ‘liberal’ ecosystem: An equivalent of ‘wajib-ul-qatl’, here is the payoff that ‘liberals’ seek by masking caste an issue in the...

Indian left’s anti-Hindu hate is now programmed into mainstream Western liberal SOPs - what is has got to do with SB403

Islamists attack wrestler Bajrang Punia for supporting Bajrang Dal on social media, the wrestler deletes his Instagram post

Bajrang Punia posted a story from his Instagram account that said, "I am Bajrangi. I support Bajrang Dal."

In Ireland, you could go to prison if you share anything deemed ‘hateful’ by fact-checkers: How this is a ‘liberal’ paradise

Ireland is slowly inching towards becoming a liberal paradise as it passed a draconian law under the guise of curbing ‘hate speech’.

‘Liberals’ think Akshay Tritya is an obscure Hindu festival invented to counter Eid

Liberals believe Hindus invented Akshaya Tritya to mock Muslims on Eid

As Delhi HC frames charges against Sharjeel Imam and Safoora Zargar, here is how the ‘liberals’ had gone all out to defend them

As the Delhi HC frames charges against Sharjeel Imam and Safoora Zargar, a motley variety of 'liberals' had rushed to paint them as heroes.

‘Liberals’ attack Mumbai Press club for supporting journalist humiliated by Rahul Gandhi

The Mumbai Press Club also sought an apology from Rahul Gandhi and asked him to uphold freedom of speech and expression.

From sharing beef curry images to insinuating ‘bhakts’ having sex with cows, ‘liberals’ mock cow hug day

The Animal Welfare Board's suggestion to celebrate February 14 as 'Cow Hug Day', was met with memes and jokes by many 'liberals'.

Congress fanboys and leftists attack NDTV, decide to boycott it after they shared Gautam Adani’s video message on calling off the FPO

NDTV, like several other media outlets, published Adani's video message on its official Twitter handle on February 2, which miffed several Congress fanboys and left liberals

If THIS is how ‘democracy is dead’ for our Liberal friends, then yes, it is and it should be: Here is why

Is democracy dead? The biggest sweeping statement of the century and something that liberal friends love to repeat

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