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Don't fall for rumour mongering or scaremongering about GST. Here is debunking one myth.
If the Hindu Right manages to communicate a larger design for unity that goes beyond caste, it will be historical.
9/11 liberals include people like Bill Maher, Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Christopher Hitchens.
The Indian 'liberal' (within quotes) exhibits some typical behaviour that can be termed 'orientalist'. Read why.
Under the garb of political correctness, there is often an attempt to silence criticism.
Words we use go on to define our conscience and consciousness, look how they are chosen by 'liberals'.
Sagarika Ghose had asked for a 'Manifesto for a liberal Hindu', here it is. Adopt it and spread it.
RIP secularism. RIP liberalism. RIP intellectualism.
Why do so many intellectuals take pride in being anti-India and talk about Hindus with such contempt?
A lot has been written about how fringe is becoming mainstream, another view.
Liberalism has become the new religion. There are just too many similarities.
Wish the best for your baby, and because the name you chose exposes the ‘liberals’.
You are right that some people have reduced ‘nationalism’ to joke, but read on.
Many commentators put forward this argument when asked about issues like Uniform Civil Code. This is risky.
A flashback into what kaanwar yatra was and what it signified, and why some people hate it now.
The hypocrisy over the Brexit results continues, with more contrived arguments
The vocal leftists who shouted along with Trupti Desai earlier are keeping silence after Haji Ali showed her closed door.
How can you support people like Umar Khalid who have links to Jaish?
In Malda, thousands (or lakhs) of people attacked Hindu places of worship, police stations, buses, cars, but our "liberal" media defended the event by calling them "protesters".
Former Editor-in-Chief of Firstpost talks about the past controversies and future plans of Swarajya.
Females in India will be used as political and social tools till we do not remove our double face
Many of these people can preach social equality, but they can’t hide the class and ideology based discrimination deep-rooted within them.

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