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The asinine ‘Monu Monu’ song by Ravish Kumar just gave a violent call to action: Here is that one sentence and why it is deeply problematic

Phrases, words and sentences used often have a socio-political context. For example, "Final solution" is an innocuous phrase, however, it will, forever, be attached to Hitler and his genocide of innocent Jews. Similarly, after whitewashing the crimes of Islamists and blaming Hindus for their own persecution, when Ravish Kumar wants Islamists to "Find out, Flush out" Monu Manesar, it is not a far-fetched deduction that he is asking for Monu Manesar to be hunted.

The violence against Hindus at Nuh, Mewat, has become a flashpoint for those who sympathise with the Islamists, in the media and otherwise. There has been a concerted attempt to whitewash the violence unleashed by Muslim mobs on the 31st of July against the Jalabhishek Shobha Yatra organised by VHP, in which thousands of Hindus participated. One of the most prominent tropes to shield the Islamists and their Leftists ideological is trying to paint a target on the back of Monu Manesar and blame him for the violence when he was not even present at the Yatra.

Right after violence broke out in Nuh with Hindus coming under attack, there was fake news being spread by Islamists that the violence broke out because Monu Manesar was present at the Shobha Yatra. OpIndia did a detailed fact check and found that many Islamists and Leftists were using an old video of Manesar to falsely claim that he was present at the Shobha Yatra.

Besides the dangerous fake news, it is also pertinent to note that even if Manesar was present, using that to legitimise mass-scale violence against thousands of Hindus only proves how committed the Islamists are to dehumanising Hindus. Unless allegations are proven against Manesar and he is arrested by the police, it is pertinent to note that there is no arrest warrant against him or a red corner notice. As such, he is as free to release a video or attend a rally if he so chooses. If the police believe he is guilty and has evidence to tie him to a crime, they should be arresting him. However, for the media to use a video by him to justify the violence by thousands of Islamists, armed to the teeth, against thousands of Hindu devotees only proves that Monu Manesar is merely an excuse. The Muslim mob unleashed violence in a pre-planned manner (as proven by media reports, an OpIndia investigation and even police investigation details that are now emerging). The rioters had weapons, swords, trucks of stones, knives, acid bottles, petrol bombs and more in their possession. They even took anywhere between 2000-2500 Hindus hostage in a Temple and murdered at least 5 Hindus. All of this is being justified because of a video by Monu Manesar, a man who was not even there at the Shobha Yatra and whose alleged role in the murder of two Muslim men has not even been proven yet.

Essentially, the ecosystem has claimed that Monu Manesar was involved in the murder of two Muslim men. The police are “yet to pinpoint his role” in the murders, mentioned in several reports, even reports from Leftist portals. With his role unproven, the Leftists are basically saying that simply because there are allegations against him, he has no right to say what he wants or go where he wants, to a point where if he does, then a Muslim mob can legitimately unleash violence against thousands of Hindus – even kill a few and desecrate temples.

This trope was furthered by several individuals in the media. Their sleigh of hand was obvious because they constantly harped about the violence in Gurgaon, however, failed to mention that the violence started when a Muslim mob attacked thousands of Hindu devotees for hours, pelted stones, burnt cars, held Hindus hostage, molested women, murdered some devotees, shot at them, stabbed them, slit their throat and ram rampage.

One of the proponents who furthered this dishonest trope was Ravish Kumar – a veteran propagandist of television media turned newbie propagandist YouTuber. In his inimitably annoying and dishonest style, Ravish Kumar released a video on his YouTube channel where he attempted to shame Hindus into not essentially “doing something” about Monu Manesar. In a strange video, he claimed that Gurgaon was an affluent neighbourhood and those who live in high-rise buildings are closing their eyes to the dangers of people like Monu Manesar. Further, he released a song. Yes. A song. Called “Monu Monu”.

(These visuals can be disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised).

While this tone-deaf attempt to shame Hindus after a Muslim mob went on a murderous rampage against thousands of devotees and desecrated temples was hilarious, and was summarily mocked on social media, there was one line in this pool of asininity that deserves attention.

After the “They are Monu, You are Monu” nonsense, Ravish Kumar says, “Find out Monu, Flush out Monu”. The phrase “Flush out” essentially means to ensure someone is drawn out of their hiding place, often, in common parlance, used during hunting when animals need to be flushed out to be killed.

Interestingly, The phrase ‘flush out’ is commonly used in discussions of police investigations and wartime strategies. The metaphor originates from bird hunting, where it is common to use a hunting dog to draw out birds from hiding, in order to hunt them and kill them.

It is pertinent to note that Ravish Kumar used this phrase after blaming Monu Manesar for the violence that had gripped certain parts of Haryana. The gist of what he said whitewashes the crimes of the Muslim mob, essentially holding Monu Manesar responsible for the violence unleashed by the Muslim mob. After that, when he uses the term “flush out Monu”, it would directly mean that the rioters should continue doing what they are doing because that is how Monu Manesar would be “drawn out in the open” for a hunt.

The use of the sentence, “Find out Monu, Flush out Monu” could, therefore, essentially mean that he is telling the rioters to either “find him” or ensure that they “draw him out” – both would essentially lead to him being hunted down.

This would qualify as a direct call to action by Ravish Kumar. Pertinently, this is not the first time that he has blamed Hindus for violence committed by Islamists. Ravish was one of the frontrunners in calling the Delhi anti-Hindu riots an ‘anti-Muslim pogrom”. He had convinced himself of his lies to such an extent, that shooter Shahrukh Pathan, who was captured in a photograph drawing a weapon at a police constable, was named “Anurag” by Ravish on national television.

In his show ‘Prime Time’ on 26th February 2020, Ravish Kumar resorted to spreading half-truths and full lies about the horrifying spate of violence that had engulfed the national capital. In pursuance of what appeared as his agenda to tarnish Hindus and portray them as the aggressors of the riots, Kumar identified Mohammad Shahrukh alias Shahrukh Pathan, who fired at Delhi Police personnel on February 24, as one ‘Anurag Mishra’.

For the 26th February 2020 show, Ravish claimed that police had not yet arrested him while he was arrested on 25th February itself, good 24 hours before his show premiered. “Police ki haalat yeh hai ki abhi tak giraftar nahin hua hai. Police saaf kehti hai ki Shahrukh hai magar aap social media mein dekhiye Anurag Mishra bataya jaa raha hai. (Situation of the Police is such that they have not yet arrested him. Police say his name is Shahrukh but if you see him on social media, he is called Anurag Mishra),” he spoke in his characteristic drawl during the show. Naturally, it was quite a revelation since no one had yet referred to the shooter as “Anurag Mishra” till then.

He then asked Delhi Police to speak out on his identity again. He then played an undated speech of his reporter who appeared to be asking Delhi Police personnel about Shahrukh’s arrest. Slyly, Ravish Kumar then played the videos of BJP leaders Anurag Thakur, Kapil Mishra and Pravesh Verma addressing rallies ahead of the Delhi elections to cast aspersions that their speeches were responsible for stoking riots a month later.

Phrases, words and sentences used often have a socio-political context. For example, “Final solution” is an innocuous phrase, however, it will, forever, be attached to Hitler and his genocide of innocent Jews. Similarly, after whitewashing the crimes of Islamists and blaming Hindus for their own persecution, when Ravish Kumar wants Islamists to “Find out, Flush out” Monu Manesar, it is not a far-fetched deduction that he is asking for Monu Manesar to be hunted. If Monu Manesar is guilty, he should be dealt with in accordance with the law, but those who sit in judgement of the morality of others calling for violence against a man simply because he fights to save cows is a travesty that deserves to be called out.

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