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Love Jihad

Love Jihad in Gwalior: Married Sabir Khan blackmailed a Hindu girl, abducted and held hostage for 3 years, rapes and forced fed beef, pressurised...

In Love Jihad case in Gwalior, the accused Sabir Khan physically and sexually harassed the victim and did unnatural acts, during her captivity. It is further alleged that he forced her to eat beef and pressured her to convert to Islam. 

‘Convert to Islam and marry me, your life will be sorted’: Alfez Khan befriends Hindu girl in college in Indore, threatens to kill her...

Love Jihad case accused Alfez Khan proposed to the girl a month ago and made her agree to his marriage proposal. However, he later stated that he would marry her only on the condition that she converted to Islam. When the girl declined to convert to Islam, Alfez threatened to kill her. 

Karnataka High Court stays criminal proceedings against Kajal Hindustani, who was booked for speaking against love jihad in Udupi

An FIR was lodged against Kajal Hindustani in 2022 under Indian Penal Code (IPC) Sections 34 and 153A while a chargesheet was filed against her under IPC Section 505(2).

Neha Hiremath murder aftermath: Hindu girl in Karnataka assaulted by her Muslim friend for trying to end their relationship; accused was carrying a knife

A Hindu girl in Karnataka's Hubballi was assaulted by her Muslim friend for trying to end their relationship after the Neha Hiremath murder case.

Neha Hiremath murder: Accused Fayaz’s family to be called by CID for interrogation, Fayaz’s sister tried to defame Neha by making her photos viral

Hiremath stated that it is an elaborate conspiracy to target some bright girls of certain families and systematically stalk them, trying to trap them in love affairs, just as they showed in the movie ‘The Kerala Story’.

Don’t want her to end up like Neha Hiremath: Ex-IAS officer appeals to save his MBBS daughter from medicine seller Abdurrahman

Retired IAS officer's wife stated that following the death of a girl named Neha in Karnataka, she is concerned about the safety of her only daughter.

‘Neha’s murder is like The Kerala Story, she was stalked, Fayaz’s sister is trying to make college photos viral to defame my daughter’: Niranjan...

Niranjan Hiremath added that the killer Fayaz, after getting rejected by Neha, had continued stalking her. Neha's every movement was followed and he had engaged a group of people to know all the details like the timings of coming to college, the gates she used to enter through, the classes she attended, and the places she visited.

‘My daughter refused to convert’: Neha’s father says Fayaz was assisted by a group for love jihad, had informers to track her movements

“They were forcing her to convert. Since she didn’t agree to religious conversion, she was murdered,” Niranjan Hiremath, the Congress Councillor from Hubballi-Dharwad Municipal Corporation (HDMC), said

‘The Kerala Story’ plot in Bihar: Sameer Alam lures and abducts a minor Dalit girl, forcibly marries her by hiding his identity, arrested while...

On further interrogation, Sameer Alam confessed that he intended to take the minor girl with him to Nepal to sell her there. The modus operandi resembles the plot exposed in 'The Kerala Story' movie.

Karnataka: Police arrest Sadiq and Adil for justifying Neha’s murder by Fayaz by calling it ‘Justice for Love’

Hubballi-Dharawad police arrested two men identified as Sadiq Imam Saab Tadakoda and Adil for justifying Fayaz stabbing Neha to death in Hubballi

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