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Instagram influencer Bhupendra Jogi, whose reel mocking Dhruv Rathee went viral, attacked by unknown assailants: Read what happened

While returning from his shop, two masked assailants attacked Bhupendra Jogi in the New Market area at around 9 PM. He tried to save himself but sustained severe injuries and ended up getting around 40 stitches on the back and on his right arm.

Kolkata Police deletes “summons” to X user for sharing a popular meme featuring West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee after facing online backlash 

The Kolkata Police has deleted its tweet seeking details of an X user over spoof video featuring Mamata Banerjee after facing online backlash.

‘Next who?’: Boxer Vijender Singh’s switch from Congress to BJP triggers a meme fest

Vijender Singh's switch to the BJP triggered a memefest on social media as users mocked the Congress party over its inability to inspire its leaders, let alone the voters.

Who is Mr FAFO? The ‘Pallywood’ actor from Gaza who is a radiologist one day, air strike victim the next, and a dead body...

Mr FAFO, the Hamas crisis actor is regularly peddling victimhood from Gaza, presumably as a part of war propaganda to malign Israel.

Neighbourhood bhabhi who called Sachin ‘Lappu, Jhingur’ gets legal notice by Seema Haider, says, ‘I get called Lappi too, have not insulted anyone’ in...

Following the coinage of those phrases, Bhati became the talk of the town and became the centre of a meme storm

‘Lappu sa Sachin hai, jhingur sa ladka’: How the neighborhood woman’s comments became a viral meme spin-off in Seema Haidar’s love story

Music producer Yashraj Mukhate, who immortalized 'Rasode main koun tha', has gone a step ahead and has created a song out of it. Yes. Lappu sa Sachin, jhingur sa ladka' is now a catchy song.

‘Pols aayi Pols aayi’: Reports of Waris Punjab De head Amritpal Singh’s detention triggers a memefest

Punjab Police on Saturday, March 18, detained Waris De Pathan chief and Khalistan sympathiser Amritpal Singh.

Meme fest erupts as ex-Pakistani Dictator and mastermind of Kargil War against India dies

Former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf dies, Indians say good riddance.

#BoysWillBeBoys: Pakistanis resort to memes, self-deprecating dark humour as country’s economic crisis worsens

Pakistanis used memes to show how their country is suffering from an economic crisis

West Bengal: YouTuber Tuhin Mondal arrested for allegedly offensive memes on CM Mamata Banerjee

The Kolkata police have also seized the mobile phone of the YouTuber arrested for allegedly insulting Mamata Banerjee.

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