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‘Lappu sa Sachin hai, jhingur sa ladka’: How the neighborhood woman’s comments became a viral meme spin-off in Seema Haidar’s love story

The way things are going, however, it won't be surprising if political parties flock to hire the green saree Bhabhi ji for election campaigning. 'Lappu sa toh candidate hai, jhingur sa', sounds like a very effective jibe against a political opponent.

Seema Haidar from Pakistan literally crossed mountains and rivers and complicated borders to reach India, to meet her online boyfriend Sachin. The love story has been ruling the Indian news space for weeks now. However, the story now has a meme spin-off. And the star of that spin-off is neither Sachin nor Seema. It is the random neighborhood Bhabhi.

For weeks now, media personnel have been swarming around Seema Haidar as if she is not an ordinary human but a fairy descended from heaven, to marry a mere mortal. Well, the whole world has been strangely fascinated with cross-border love stories ever since movies came into play. Be it Veer Zara, Refugee, Gadar Ek Prem Katha etc in Bollywood or Crash Landing On You in Korea, lovers crossing dangerous borders to meet the love of their life gets just everyone excited.

Though Seema Haidar has been dominating Indian news media at a level that only Modiji can do, her boyfriend Sachin has literally been in the background. In front of the beautiful, vivacious Seema, Sachin just stays silent, shy, and behaves as if he is still trying to believe what he sees.

As media personnel have been thronging the humble residence of Sachin’s father in Greater Noida, they found Sachin’s neighbours and asked them for their reactions on the filmy love story.

It turns out, Sachin’s neighbours are not very happy about the couple. They have been saying all the mean things about Seema, commenting on her age, and her ‘audacity’ in coming to India leaving behind a husband in Pakistan.

The feisty UP ladies in the neighbourhood did not mince words while expressing their displeasure over the strange love story.

As the reactions started going slowly viral, a good samaritan on Twitter collected all the videos and posted them together.

Here are some of the most popular reactions from Sachin’s neighbours. Apparently, body weight is a serious issue for the neighbourhood ladies and they had already dismissed Sachin as a non-significant person. They are utterly shocked and surprised how the non-significant Sachin, who apparently does not even speak much, managed to ‘patao’ a woman like Seema, and made her cross the borders from Pakistan to India via Nepal.

‘Pav bhar ka Sachin, 5 kilo ki Seema’

“Wo Sachin ki kya ho jayegi? Pao bhar ka toh Sachin hai, 5 kilo ki Seema hai. Kisi din daba ke baith gayi toh Sachin ki awaz bhi na nikle”, said one neighbourhood Bhabhi sneering. It roughly translates as “How can she become Sachin’s partner? He barely weighs 250 grams, Seema weighs 5 kgs (in comparison). If she sits on him someday, the poor boy won’t be even able to speak out for help. “

Pyar ne Seema ko Seema Paar karwa diya?

Another neighbourhood bhabhi was suspicious of Seema’s intentions. She was curious how did she manage to cross the borders and come to India. “Can you cross the border with just love? Why don’t any of you people try it? Why did not Sachin go to Pakistan if love is the only thing one needs to cross borders? Can any of our young men enter Pakistan?”

Mr. Doval and the BSF should contact this Bhabhi for any available job offers.

‘She has been married twice, Sachin is a punctured tire’

Another Bhahi was the personality development specialist. She opined that considering Seema’s wide experience in romantic relationships and marriage, Sachin was no match for her. The reporter asks if she is disapproving of the relationship because Seema is beautiful and Sachin does not have a good ‘personality’. To which the woman kindly replies, “Sachin is half her age, He is barely an adult. How will it look ok if some woman of my age runs away with a boy half her age?”

The most viral of all: ‘Lappu sa Sachin, Jhingur sa ladka’

Among the plethora of caustic remarks against Sachin and Seema, came a blockbuster. One Bhabhi in a green saree, with formidable oratory skills, shared the most viral dialogue of the last few weeks in the Indian social media space.

“Sachin? Kya hai Sachin main? Lappu sa Sachin hai, bolna usko aave na, bolta toh vo hai na. Jhingur sa ladka hai, usse pyar ho gaya isko”

The short 9-second clip has now gone viral all over Indian social media.

Lappu is a local version of ‘Pappu’ while jhingur means cricket. We are not sure why the poor boy is being compared to an insect.

Someone swapped the Bhabhi’s face with Smriti Irani’s face, and used the legendary remarks for Rahul Gandhi.

A woman found therapy in the statement. She shared that ‘Lappu sa, jhingur sa ladka’ can be totally used to tell oneself to get over an ex.

Someone decided to go graphic and provided a sample of a jhingur.

One of the wittiest posts came from the handle ‘EducatedMoron, which reminded us that this is exactly how NASA had revoked the planet status of Pluto back in 2006.

Music producer Yashraj Mukhate, who immortalized ‘Rasode main koun tha’, has gone a step ahead and has created a song out of it. Yes. Lappu sa Sachin, jhingur sa ladka’ is now a catchy song.

Seema Haidar has been showered with gifts and as per reports, has even been offered a role in a movie. Amid all this, the super-talented bhabhi in Sachin’s neighborhood has proven that she is no less a star.

There is a philosophy in all this. A jhingur sa ladka should never be underestimated, and neither should the demure Seemas. The way things are going, however, it won’t be surprising if political parties flock to hire the green saree Bhabhi ji for election campaigning. ‘Lappu sa toh candidate hai, jhingur sa’, sounds like a very effective jibe against a political opponent.

Though we are not experts in Urdu poetry, Googling ‘jhingur’ took us to Rekhta, where there is a Shayari on jhingur, yes, jhingur.

ilm meñ jhīñgur se baḌh kar kāmrāñ koī nahīñ
chaaT jaatā hai kitābeñ imtihāñ koī nahīñ

Apparently, this means that the ‘jhingur’ is the most fortunate in matters of study because it consumes book after book but never has to write an exam. We are not sure what this exactly means. But since it is Urdu poetry, it must be heavy philosophical stuff.

Seema Haider was arrested on July 4 from Palwal in Haryana by Noida Police in Uttar Pradesh. The Uttar Pradesh police had also registered an FIR against Seema Haider’s boyfriend Sachin and Sachin’s father Netrapal under Section 120B of the IPC and Section 14 of the Foreigners Act, 1946 for conspiracy.

Seema Haider grabbed headlines after she was arrested on July 4, for illegally entering India. She was later released on bail on July 7. The Pakistani woman had entered India via Nepal around a month ago with her four children to be with her lover, Sachin Meena, in Uttar Pradesh’s Greater Noida.

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