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Karnataka NGO ‘Recycle India’ draws ire after showing Tilak sporting ‘evil’ man creating plastic pollution, here are its trustees

The image resembled the character of antagonist 'Daroga Shuddh Singh' from the newly released movie 'Shamshera.'

ET publishes offensive memes on Shivling despite multiple FIRs over those memes, once again highlighting the callousness of media towards Hindu sentiments

The Economic Times published a meme mocking Hindus by depicting the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre as a Shivling

Oscars 2022: Meme war erupts on Twitter after Smith slaps comedian Chris Rock for mocking his wife

Netizens don their humour cap as Will Smith slaps comedian Chris Rock during Oscars ceremony for a joke on his wife.

Netizens break into meme fest after India admits to accidentally firing a missile into Pakistan

Netizens shared amusing memes and videos after India said it accidentally fired a missile into Pakistan

Uttarakhand Congress files complaint against BJP leader Tajinder Bagga for photoshopping Harish Rawat as AMU founder Syed Ahmed, says it’s a cybercrime

Uttarakhand Congress has filed a complaint against BJP leader Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga with the Election Commission for his meme on Harish Rawat

Arvind Kejriwal tests positive for Covid after doing 4 rallies in a week, ‘superspreader’ memes flood the internet

Kejriwal took more than 11 trips to the poll-bound states like Goa and Punjab to campaign for his party in last 2 weeks.

Sh*t posting meme page asks army personnel to stop cribbing and quit if job is too hard, cries victim when called out

Whether Andheri West Shitposting page admin believes or not, the Defence personnel are indeed doing a favour defending, protecting those who sh*tpost because they themselves did not have the courage to sign up for taking the enemy's bullet on their chest.

Kanpur resident whose ‘gutkha pose’ went viral during India-NZ test match clarifies about entire incident

A picture of a man allegedly chewing gutkha during the India-NZ test in Kanpur had triggered a meme fest on social media

Jethalal OP: How Spanish chess journalist David Llada got 200 new followers on Twitter because ‘Jethalal did it better’

That Spanish chess journalist David Llada earned himself 200 followers on Twitter by merely sharing a Jethalal meme shows how Jethalal is truly a legend.

NYT fact-checks random meme of PM Modi circulating on social media, Congress supporters call it BJP’s defeat

Low IQ Congress supporters do not seem to consider why the BJP IT cell would create a meme that was mocking PM Modi.

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