Saturday, October 23, 2021



Kejriwal uses sexist, misogynist language in Delhi Assembly, gets called out, but not by media

Power corrupts. Who can prove it better than Aam Aadmi Party leaders?

How this ‘progressive’ man won hearts after sexually harassing a woman

A left-leaning activist was exposed for sexual harassment, and then he did something that won him laurels.

Mohammad Shami, Mohammad Kaif, Barkha Dutt, and political correctness

Barkha Dutt, like other 'liberal' commentators, was quite subdued over bigotry displayed by a section of people.

Culture of abuse and misogyny in Indian politics: A Reality Check

Of double standards and hypocrisy when dealing with misogyny and abuse in politics

Liberals dump Trupti Desai after she tried to enter Haji Ali

The vocal leftists who shouted along with Trupti Desai earlier are keeping silence after Haji Ali showed her closed door.

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