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Goa churches have carried out such interference in the past
The event featured various eminent dignitaries and a Tiranga march
They claim to speak for them, yet the classes speak in different language. The nightmare has just begun.
A broad list of reasons that makes certain type of people show pathological hatred towards these leaders.
An exclusive interview with army veteran Major Gaurav Arya where he shares his views on Kashmir and Pakistan.
Understanding the rise and rise of BJP
Now Gurmehar has started receiving support on the basis of the religion she belongs to.
The mainstream media will not air my views. Nationalism is a bad word now?
Ten articles that went viral – based on pageviews – in the year 2016.
A 'Liberal from New Delhi' writes why he is unhappy with Dangal. Satire, or maybe not.
India plans to grant citizenship to persecuted minorities in neighbouring countries, and some think it's 'communal'.
Adarsh Liberals have today filed a PIL in the Supreme Court demanding the national flag be declared a dangerous weapon.
Those who call themselves “liberal” showed intolerance to alternate ideologies on Martyr’s Day.
Many recent events prove that those who used to hate Modi have now started hating India itself.

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