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Late CPI(M) stalwart Anil Biswas’ daughter Ajanta Biswas writes for TMC mouthpiece hailing Mamata Banerjee, faces party’s wrath

CPI(M) said that Ajanta Biswas would have to explain why she wrote for TMC mouthpiece that too an article lauding the rival party's chief

Mob barges into Machhindranath temple and chants ‘Allahu Akbar’ to disrupt aarti, reports Shiv Sena mouthpiece: Know the story behind viral video

A mob of 50-60 Muslim mob burst into the Machhindranath temple and tried to stop Hindu devotees from performing the annual aarti.

Congress mouthpiece compares Supreme Court of India to Pakistan’s after Ayodhya judgement

Aakar Patel in his article wrote regarding judiciary of Pakistan given conflicting judgements from the days of Ghulam Muhammad to the days of General Musharraf, which resulted in long term repercussions for the state of Pakistan. 

#MeToo: ‘Will Congress paper throw him out’? Asks former employee of National Herald and victim of harassment

She has also asked whether Congress would now throw Uttam Sengupta out

‘Unauthorised change in ownership’ leads to cancellation of registration of CPI(M) mouthpiece Daily Desher Katha

For the first time in four decades, the paper didn't get published on Tuesday, 2nd October

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