Topic: PNB scam

The party has chosen 'newbie' Rajamauli over senior leader and CM's legal advisor Brijesh Kalappa
Earlier, India had made a request for the provisional arrest of the disgraced businessman.
The move taken by CBI today indicates that it is intent on nabbing the absconding businessmen.
The law has reached the doorstep of Nirav Modi's close aide
Nirav Modi owned a penthouse and a flat in Worli's Samudra Mahal apartments
Thackeray claims media is under tremendous pressure from government.
The farmers allege that the land was acquired from them at less than prevailing market rates
Rajan spoke out for the first time on the recent issues in banking sector
RBI has taken a tough stand on the modus operandi
Seems like Rahul Gandhi plugged the article without reading its contents
Shashi Tharoor seems to be trying to push Congress lies on PNB scam by using a falsely attributed cartoon
He claims the company is not in position to pay current and future does, asks employees to seek employment elsewhere
Senior officials under the UPA government were aware of the potential scam unfolding in 2013.
They have been asked to file their responses within a week

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