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pragyan rover

ISRO shares pictures of Chandrayaan-3’s Vikram Lander taken by Pragyan rover: Details

In one of the images, ISRO has displayed two key payloads that are currently conducting in-situ experimentation on the moon’s south pole.

Chandrayaan-3 update: Pragyan Rover conducts experiments on lunar soil, confirms Sulphur, Titanium, Chromium and much more, ISRO says search for Hydrogen underway

The various metals/non-metals found by ISRO include Aluminum (Al), Calcium (Ca), Iron (Fe), Chromium (Cr), Titanium (Ti), Manganese (Mn), Silicon (Si), and Oxygen (O). The space agency added that the process to find traces of Hydrogen (H) is still underway.

Chandrayaan-3 update: Pragyan rover encounters a crater during moonwalk, ISRO reroutes its path

Chandrayaan-3 rover was rerouted by ISRO after it encountered a massive crater spanning around 4 meters in diameter on lunar surface.

Rover Pragyan travels 12 meters on the moon, ISRO set to receive data as machines in payloads begin operations: Details

The lander Vikram gently placed the rover Pragyan onto the lunar South Pole using a two-segment foldable ramp and a supporting wire.

Chandrayaan 3: Pragyan rover begins excursion on the lunar surface, to conduct two key experiments over the next 14 days

With this, ISRO has achieved two of the three main objectives of the Chandrayaan-3 mission which include demonstrating Safe and Soft Landing on Lunar Surface, Rover roving on the moon, and conducting in-situ scientific experiments.

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