Tuesday, January 31, 2023



Rainbow-coloured toys confiscated in Saudi Arabia: Authorities say they ‘contradict the Islamic faith and promote homosexuality’

Rainbow-coloured ribbons, skirts, hats, and pencil bags were among the stuff that was confiscated by the authorities.

UK: Police to now use ‘rainbow coloured’ patrol cars to help the LGBT community

An NPCC spokesperson informed that it was up to individual forces to decide on the number of cars that they want to convert.

London: Library brings a performer in monkey costume with hanging genitalia, exposed buttocks, says it was to ‘encourage kids to read’

London Library criticized for displaying obscene costumes and gestures in event meant for promoting reading habits among kids.

Sun Halo: Rainbow ring spotted around the sun in the Bengaluru sky. Read what it means

A ring of rainbow forms around the Sun through a phenomenon called Halo that happens because of light interacting with ice crystals in the atmosphere.

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