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Sex change

Muzaffarnagar: Mujahid accuses Omprakash of getting his sex-change surgery done without his knowledge, hospital releases video of Mujahid consenting to the procedure

In the video, Mujahid stated that he desires to change his gender and has been informed about all the complications of the sex change surgery.

Love gone wrong: Deep spent 1 crore to become female after falling in love with Vaibhav, sets car on fire in Kanpur after boyfriend...

A man who became female to marry boyfriend burnt his car in Kanpur after he refused to marry even after she spent Rs 1 crore for sex change

Rajasthan: Transgender teacher undergoes gender change surgery to marry her student

Meera Kuntal, a transwoman teacher in Bharatpur, Rajasthan, underwent a gender-affirming surgery in order to marry her student

Vadodara: Wife files complaint as she discovers her husband was a woman, used male organ made of silicon to deceive her

A 40-year-old woman from Vadodara, Gujarat, learned that the person she married in 2014 was actually a woman.

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