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“Superpower rising, stop drooling over China”: Experts hail India’s swift response to rescue ship under Houthi attack, points out Chinese inaction

Experts and distinguished voices from across the world heaped praise on India after the Indian Navy merchant vessel INS Visakhapatnam responded to a distress call by merchant vessel Marlin Luanda in the Gulf of Aden

PM Modi to launch Ganga Vilas luxury ship from Varanasi to Dibrugarh on Friday, world’s longest river cruise to carry Swiss and German tourists

'Ganga Vilas' was scheduled to start its services in 2020. However, the plans were derailed due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Jharkhand: Ship worth Rs 30 crores owned by Hemant Soren’s aide confiscated by ED in connection with illegal mining case

The vessel was being operated at the behest of Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren's MLA Pankaj Mishra.

Russian Black Sea flagship Moskva sunk, Russia says ‘stormy seas’ caused damaged ship to sink while being towed to port

Ukraine's claim that Russian ship Moskva sank due to missile attack found inaccurate, damaged ship towed to port

Russia’s Black Sea flagship Moskva damaged, Ukrainians say hit by Neptune missiles and sunk

As per a Reuters report, Maksym Marchenko, the Ukrainian governor of the Black Sea port of Odessa, said the Moskva had been hit by two Ukrainian-made Neptune anti-ship cruise missiles.

‘Ever Forward’ vessel now stuck near Washington DC, earlier ‘Ever Given’ of the same company was stuck in Suez canal for a week: Details

Meanwhile, the Taiwan-based Evergreen Marine Corp had hired divers to inspect the vessel for possible damages and help in refloating the 'Ever Forward'.

Ernest Shackleton’s Endurance ship, lost 107 years ago, found at the bottom of the Weddell Sea off Antarctica

The Endurance ship was lost in the waters of the Weddell Sea in 1915, discovered in 2022 by Endurance22 expedition team

Ukraine sinks its under-repair navy ship Hetman Sahaidachny to prevent Russians from capturing it

Ukrainian defense minister announced that they scuttled frigate Hetman Sahaidachny so that Russia can't capture it

Burning cargo ship carrying thousands of Porsches, Audis and Bentleys goes adrift in Atlantic ocean

Felicity Ace, a ship carrying thousands of luxury vehicles drifted off the coast of the Azores after catching fire on Thursday.

Ever Given: The most famous ship of 2021, and why we love it

Ever Given, the ship that got stuck, was the world's most talked about ship this year.

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