Topic: Sterlite Copper

Earlier Madras High Court had set aside NGT’s order of reopening the Sterlite Plant.
US-based scribe asked to leave India after he was found violating visa norms.
The district police detained and interrogated US-based journalist Mark Scilla, for interviewing people in relation Sterlite plant, missing the Tourist visa.
A committee appointed by the NGT had called the closure of the plant as "unjustified" and against "natural justice".
Congress had maliciously tried to use the protest against the Modi government
13 people had died in police firings after during the protests against the plant.
Vedanta claims that the Sterlite Copper plant did not violate any environmental norms, says allegations of causing pollution and cancer are baseless
This has also threatened the jobs of those employed in these small scale industries
Rajinikanth has been branded team B of the BJP by the Opposition
The plant was permanently shut down by the Tamil Nadu government following massive protests

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