Saturday, September 18, 2021


Swami Vivekananda

4th of July and the 11th of September – Two days that bring both hope and despair

India has forgotten Swami Vivekananda and we need him now more than ever

Bhakt, Sanskar, Bhagwa – how meanings are being twisted to malign a culture

A language defends itself by its speakers. The speakers have to act and defend against this onslaught.

Mamata gives Bengal a choice : ‘Secularism’ or Vivekananda?

Every little smear thrown at Swami Vivekananda pushes the envelope just a little

Why people on the ‘right’ appear unable to work as a group for a common goal

Independent thinkers, who by virtue of being independent can't be leftist, guard their independence quite a lot.

Uttar Pradesh Civil Polls – Another vote for civilisational India?

By electing the BJP and PM Modi, India has expressed her pride and respect for her civilisation

Why Scroll’s article on Vivekananda is a textbook case of Hinduphobia

Scroll had published an article which accused Swami Vivekananda of laying the foundations of India's politics of sectarianism

Liberalism 2017 : Vivekananda as sectarian and Aurangazeb as secular

For the leftist cause, every icon, every symbol, every idea that Hindus could hold dear is like a target to be destroyed.

Bengal: The Crumbling Cradle of Indian Renaissance

The once progressive land of Bengal, now risks losing its cultural heritage

Mamata govt asks its colleges to ignore the telecast of PM Modi’s Vivekananda anniversary speech

The Mamata government has again decided to lock horns with the Modi government

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