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Pakistan donating poor quality wheat to Afghanistan, India’s quality far better: Taliban official slams Pakistan, gets fired

The Taliban has criticized Pakistan for providing low-quality wheat while praising India for supplying high-quality wheat.

Hillary Clinton hails mujahideen for driving out Russia, explains how by dropping enough weapons in Ukraine, an Afghanistan-like condition can be achieved

Hillary Clinton basically explained how the USA helped create the Taliban and Al Qaeda by arming Afghan Mujahideen against the Soviet Union.

8 polio workers including 4 women killed in Afghanistan, UN issues statement: Details

Pakistan and Afghanistan are the only 2 countries where polio hasn't yet been eradicated.

Taliban judge says women have lesser brains: Read how human rights are crushed in Afghanistan after Taliban have taken over

Afghanistan under the Taliban rule has become the house for every possible misery.

Exchange of artillery fire between Afghan Taliban and Pakistan Army along the Durand line: Reports

The incident comes just months after similar gunfights between the Pakistan Army and the Taliban. In December 2021, a major clash was reported along the Durand line in Kunar province.

Taliban names special military unit ‘Panipat’ invoking the victory of Ahmed Shah Abdali over Marathas in the 1761 Panipat war

Taliban has decided to name a special military unit as Panipat - in reference to 18th-century Afghan zealot Ahmed Shah Abdali

Muslim student who topped class 12 exam in Kashmir gets death threats from Islamists for not wearing Hijab

Aroosa Parvaiz secured 499 marks out of 500 in class 12th exam and she is threatened by Islamists for not wearing hijab.

Biden to split $7 billion frozen Afghan assets between compensation for 9/11 victims and ‘humanitarian aid’ for Afghanistan

The Taliban has repeatedly requested the release of Afghan assets blocked in the US following their takeover of the nation.

Taliban supports Karnataka burqa girls, praises their love for hijab and says Islamic values are bigger than any national culture

Inamullah Samangani said it is pleasing to see Muslim women stand for their religious values and make sacrifices to defend it in various ways, especially in a secular country like India

‘Imran Khan is a coward for always playing it safe’: Senior journalist slams Pakistan PM for not condemning Taliban, Hafiz Saeed

Pakistani journalist Marvi Sirmed said Imran Khan never condemned terror group Taliban despite them killing innocent children

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