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Latest News and updates about Maoism in India especially urban maoists. Maoist news in chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Bihar, Andhra pradesh & West bengal.

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The apex court has asked the arrested persons to move to the trial court with their appeals and refused to constitute SIT.
Recently, Sarveswara Rao had defected leader from YSRCP to TDP
COHR, Manipur is one of the coordinating organizations of CDRO.
The SC bench headed by Chief Justice Dipak Misra gave the state police time till Saturday to submit the entire case diary
Urban Naxals, under the garb of activism and Human rights movement has inflicted severe damage on India's developmental story.
The left-wing students had allegedly resorted to the violence against the students after the latter alleged about vote tampering by left students.
Naxal leaders talk about Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and fighting for tribal rights while recruiting innocent youth
When asked about the term "Urban Naxals", Pahad Singh immediately says "Ye wahi hai" (It's them)
Most of the top Naxal leaders are increasingly becoming dissatisfied with the Communist ideology and are returning to the mainstream.
Once caught, he said, the encryption on the emails have to be breached, which is often a difficult task.
Pahad Singh also said that many such people come to these meetings and instigate the Adivasis
Maoist leaders actively spread fear in the minds of tribals against the government to persuade them against surrendering, says the surrendered Naxal commander.
The NDA government has taken various initiatives in cracking down Left wing terror in tribal areas and their counterparts in urban areas
An optimistic part of me hopes that we recognise the toxicity of urban Naxalism irrespective of where our sociopolitical views stand.
The message also contained a pointed section titled – "Realise the Left", under which a total of seven points were mentioned.
Let us not be fooled by their charms, and by the desperation of rootless prince of Congress, who do not know where he stands.
People in this country usually avoid commenting upon the wisdom of My Lords, but this differential treatment is unpalatable
Gist of the matter is this: one of the organizations which were involved in the publishing of the report received significant donations from Christian organizations based abroad.
This is the first in a series of articles that will explore the background of the organizations that form the 'civil society'.
As per reports, Varavara Rao had attended the funeral of Srinu alias Srikanth, a Maoist commander killed in Gadchiroli encounter in April.
And now we have people who are “proud” to call themselves Naxals.
Pune police do seem to have proof against these alleged 'urban Naxals'. 
The police officer made several letters and documents seized from the arrested people, public on Friday.   
We have often seen that people who support the Naxalites also take the side of Kashmiri separatists.
Many leaders of the CPI-ML (New Democracy) have been arrested in recent months.
On several occasions, she has argued that only way to solve the Kashmir problem is the independence of Kashmir.
Nandini Sundar and Archana Prasad, the authors, have insinuated that the recommendation had political motivations.
A bit rich coming from the party which hobnobbed with radical outfits like PFI for power
Tushar Damgude asks Sardesai, even Osama was an engineer and was not present at 9/11, does that mean he was innocent?

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