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Vladamir Putin

‘A direct conversation with President Zelenskyy may greatly assist the ongoing peace efforts’: PM Modi to Russian President Vladimir Putin

President Putin briefed PM Modi about measures taken to facilitate the evacuation of stranded Indians in Ukraine.

Amid Russia-Ukraine war, women in Paris go topless to protest against Vladimir Putin

The protesting women have painted on their body the Ukrainian flag and slogans in protest of the war.

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister urges countries with special relationship with India to request PM Modi to appeal to Russia to stop ongoing conflict

Dmytro Kuleba said the ongoing conflict would affect India's food security as India has a significant share in Ukraine's agriculture exports

Israeli Prime Minister skips ‘Shabbat’ to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin, amidst Russia-Ukrainian conflict

Judaism permits the violation of Shabbat law, only when the objective is to protect human life.

Mamata Banerjee questions the need for emergency crisis meetings held by Modi govt on the Ukraine situation

Mamata Banerjee questions Modi govt regarding necessity of emergency crisis meetings on Ukraine situation

‘Wanted Dead or Alive’: Russian Businessman announces $1million bounty on President Vladimir Putin

Russian-born entrepreneur Alex Konanykhin offered $1 million to any military officer who catches Russian President Vladimir Putin "dead or alive" for allegedly committing "war crimes" in his invasion of Ukraine.

Ukraine holding Indian students hostage in Kharkiv to use them as human shield, Russian President Putin informs PM Modi

Russian President Putin also assured India that their military was doing everything possible to ensure the safe evacuation of Indians from the conflict zone. Russia has provided safe passage to Indians on the govt's request.

What would India do if China builds military establishment in Bdesh? Who is Abhay Kumar Singh, Putin’s MLA from Bihar, and what he said

Abhay Kumar Singh, a native Indian serving as deputat (the equivalent of an MLA in India) in Putin’s govt, has justified Russia’s military act

Subramanian Swamy hurls abuses at PM Modi for “being neutral” while students are being rescued from a war that has nothing to do with...

In a bid to label the Indian government as 'incompetent', Subramanian Swamy dubbed Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a 'political Hijda.'

Ukraine National Guard shares video of neo-Nazi unit greasing bullets with pig fat for use against Muslim Chechen fighters, Twitter allows it

Muslim Chechen fighters under Ramzan Kadyrov have been deployed in Ukraine by Russia. A neo-Nazi unit under the Ukrainian National Guard is boasting how they have bullets dipped in pig fat to use against them.

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