Monday, May 16, 2022


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YouTube blocks Indian news outlet WION for reporting Russian Foreign Minister statement on Ukraine-Russia war, doesn’t ban Western channels that reported the same

Youtube had blocked news channel WION for seven days for broadcasting a portion of the speech by Russian foreign minister.

White refugees good, coloured people bad: Russia-Ukraine conflict exposes the blatant racist side of the West

Western media showed blatant racist attitude towards people of colour while reporting about Ukraine-Russia conflict.

Research paper by leading journalism institute shows how Western media uses half-truths and racist colonial biases against India

The western media is laying bricks to manufacture negativity and hatred in India and then leverage that for their own benefit.

‘Will travel vacations accordingly’: Moscow takes a swipe at Western media over Ukraine ‘invasion date’

Maria Zakharova asked Western media portals to announce the schedule of Russian 'invasion’ date to plan for a vacation

NPR journalist deletes her racist tweet against India, here is how western media has a history of problematic behaviour

Western media has had a racist attitude towards India and the hate has only gone up since Modi came to power in 2014.

‘Liberal’ elite is dehumanizing Indians, and why it no longer makes sense to argue with liberals

The most explicit dehumanizing language such as “baby factory” or “termites” comes from Sadanand Dhume and Vidya Krishnan.

No trace of coronavirus found in Ganga samples collected during the second wave of COVID-19 outbreak: Report

Of a total of 132 Ganga water samples analysed, none of the them was found positive for the presence of SARS CoV-2 virus

Centre slams New York Times for its ‘distorted’ reportage alleging ICMR downplayed Covid threat for Modi’s ‘political goals’: Full details

The government has slammed the New York Times for publishing a "provocative" and "attention-seeking" article on India's Covid response

64 crore vaccine doses: How western media outlets had fuelled doubts and suspicions over India’s vaccination campaign

Western media outlets have been casting aspersions over India's ability to successfully vaccinate its population against COVID-19

Cleric called ‘priest’, image of Hindu man offering Puja used by NY Post in report where Muslim Maulvi got his penis chopped by wife

The cleric, Maulvi Vakil Ahmed, was bobbitised after his wife learnt that he wanted to marry for the third time.

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