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Hinduphobia in Western media: As India goes to polls to elect a new government, global news organisations turn to anti-Hindu prejudice

Qatar-owned propaganda news outlet Al Jazeera, notorious for peddling lies and twisting facts, claimed that another term under Modi govt could threaten Muslims' way of life in India.

Guardian ‘journalist’ offers to interview OpIndia editor-in-chief to ‘clarify’ accusations of the journalist being anti-India, anti-Hindu, declines OpIndia’s counter offer of a live stream...

On expected lines, The Guardian 'journalist' has declined to accept OpIndia's offer to engage in a live stream debate where she could respond to OpIndia's questions over her anti-Hindu, anti-Indian coverage

British daily The Times demonises PM Modi and India for not supporting draconian Sharia, believes asking Muslims to follow UCC is a ‘crackdown’

The Times recently published an article claiming the introduction of UCC is an attempt at 'overturning Sharia law in Muslim crackdown'

‘Biden govt tried to stop us, illegally surveilled, leaked chats’: Tucker Carlson in Moscow for Putin interview, exposes US hypocrisy on media freedom

The Western media, for the last several years, and especially since February 2022, has painted Vladimir Putin as an evil, cruel dictator running a terrorist regime. The vilification has been so unidirectional, biased, and relentless that any scope of understanding and mutual dialogue has been stamped out.

The Guardian admits that Modi 3.0 is inevitable, continues to whine about India, Hindu nationalism, imaginary Muslim victimhood and more

The author, for reasons best known to her, has not bothered to ask if Modi were to disenfranchise Muslims, why hasn't he already done that in his first and second terms? What exactly do Varshney and the author think he has been waiting for?

‘I feel fortunate to be born in India’: Journalist Amana Ansari debunks Western media claims that Muslims are discriminated against in India in BBC interview

Journalist Amana Begum Ansari, in an interview with BBC tears into Western media for trying to vilify India by utilising a few isolated incidents of violence in the country

Washington DC: FM Nirmala Sitharaman busts fake claims by Western media over ‘violence on Muslims’, asks journalists to come and see reality

Citing widespread reportage on Opposition MPs losing their status and Muslim minorities being subjected to violence, Adam Posen questioned if these 'perceptions' had any impact on India's capital flows.

Perversion in the name of education: UK show has adults stripping naked before children to ‘educate’ them on body positivity

Channel 4 has called the show a groundbreaking new series. "Being naked is not a bad thing at all. (The show is) normalising all bodies", it shared with a video of a short trailer.

Dear Western Media, get over your racism and stop making everything about Modi

Why do legacy media in the West get so antsy when the 'dirty brown Indians' are calling out their subtle racism and bias?

How Western Media like Reuters, WaPo and Guardian ignored facts to peddle the ‘caste hierarchy’ narrative while covering Lakhimpur Kheri case

The Western media did an exclusive and biased coverage of the rape and murder of two Dalit girls in Lakhimpur, UP.

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