Shocking “liberal” reactions on the French Terror Attack

Indian “liberals” are as predictable as religious bigots. As soon as Islamic terrorists barged into the office of Charlie Hebdo, a French satirical magazine, and killed around a dozen of people, one thought they would shed their predictable behaviour of being an apologist for Islamic terrorists. But one was expecting too much.

Take a look at what they had to say.

Sajid Bhombal is not any celebrity or prominent person as such but is one of the oft-seen faces of Indian Twitter liberal circuit. He was worried about “Hindu Right Wing Orgasm” when Islamists were massacring journalists:

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Another liberal tried to shift focus from Islamic terrorists:

Tanmay Bhatt, a stand-up comedian, who should have been unflinchingly standing by those who were massacred for upholding the art of satire, chose to take pot shots at Modi fans instead of denouncing Islamic terrorists:

Aseem Chhabra finds dead bodies of murdered people so opportunistically cool that he shamelessly links it to religious conversions:

And then, Sabbah Haji Baji explains that only peace is onus on Islam and Muslims:

The BS (Business Standard, not Bull Shit) journalist Mihir Sharma, a well known apologist of the Congress party and Islamist ideology, was less worried about deaths of fellow journalists but more excited about reactions from “Hindutavavadis”:

Rightly pointed out by Raju Das, Mihir Sharma was so disappointed by outrage on PK that he compares killing with outrage:

The BS journalist got support from a little known but vocal Internet Liberal called Anna Vetticad, was interested in counting dead bodies in communal riots. For her benefit, ISIS has already killed more people than she can count:

Former Tehelka journalist Rana Ayyub too drew parallels between protests against an Ambedkar cartoon and massacre in France. Looks like she erred as her tweet will divide the “Idea of India” community. Protests against Ambedkar cartoons were not organized by any Hindu Right-Wing group, but Dalit groups, who are not considered Hindus by likes of her:

If you can’t respect Islam, you can be killed with condolences. In all other cases of religious outrage, you are a bigot communal:

You can’t take a stand against terrorism, but you have all the freedom to shout that “Terrorism has no religion”

What does “Freedom of Expression” actually mean? Is it so so customizable? And can you see victim blaming?

Since no “Internet Hindu” is involved, Sagarika Ghose is acting a neutral philosopher now:

While drawing false equivalences between Hindu groups and Islamist terrorists was always expected, “liberals” went a step ahead this time and indulged in victim-blaming.

Some of them raised question whether the magazine “asked for it”! They thought the magazine was responsible for proving the terrorists. They were treading into an area where they almost said, “It’s bad, but we need to debate what the terrorists want us to debate.”

Coming from a cop like Kiran Bedi, who should never indulge in victim blaming, this tweet was quite shocking:

For others, Freedom of expression is valid until Islam is not involved. As soon as Islam is mocked, it becomes an “irrational radical crime”:

Another shocking tweet that almost said that the magazine invited the murders upon themselves. Coming from a person who comes on TV as a “rational” and balanced professional:

The Hindu took no time in becoming an apologist. It also went so far that it blamed the people who are killed:

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