Pakistanis join hands with ‘liberals’ to paint journalist Jagrati Shukla as a monster and violent stone pelters as innocent

All things said and done, the series of events has revealed once again that liberals are more concerned about the offensive speech from their political opponents than they are about actual violence committed by people who help their agenda. 

Jagrati Shukla, Lok Sabha TV journalist, once again caused a furore on Twitter by tweeting that it would have been better for the armed forces to use real bullets in Kashmir instead of pellet guns.

The tweet has caused a lot of offence on Twitter among liberals and they have managed to get her account suspended after reporting her to handle en masse.

Not just liberals in India but Pakistanis have jumped into the matter as well.

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Liberals have been showering Jagrati with the choices of abuses such as ‘monster’ and ‘hatemonger’ among others.

Jagrati’s suspension has given them a lot of joy certainly and articles and tweets are overflowing celebrating it. However, it appears a bit strange that liberals are using Jagrati’s tweets to paint her as a monster while portraying murderous stone-pelters as innocent victims.

Every liberal is accusing Jagrati of wishing harm on Kashmiris. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. Her tweets quite clearly indicated that she was not talking about ordinary Kashmiris but stone-pelters. Unless the liberals want to tell us that all Kashmiris are stone-pelters or that pelting stones is an integral part of the identity of a Kashmiri, then they are blatantly lying and quite mischievously so.

Only in October, a 22-year old soldier was murdered by bloodthirsty stone-pelters and COAS Rawat asserted that they were indeed over ground workers of terrorists. We are well aware how stone-pelters assist terrorists in myriad ways often jeopardizing military operations. It is well known that stone-pelters work in tandem with terrorists and assist them in waging war against the Indian state.

Jagrati’s tweet may have crossed a line but honestly, can we call people a monster because they wish to see their enemies suffer? Can we really call people monsters because they wish to see violent agents of terrorists suffer?

We have been told since childhood, “Actions speak more than words.” But it appears in the world of liberals, that wisdom is reversed. And that is why Jagrati who merely wrote a few on social media is more of a monster that violent murderous stone-pelters will ever be.

On several occasions in the past, many would say that Jagrati crossed the line and many of her tweets were unwarranted. However, to paint her as evil while exonerating people who actually aid and support terrorists against our armed forces only reveals the hypocrisy of our liberals. More importantly, never has she advocated for civilians to commit violence against stone-pelters, she has only suggested manners in which the armed forces should deal with stone-pelters.

All things said and done, the series of events has revealed once again that liberals are more concerned about the offensive speech from their political opponents than they are about actual violence committed by people who help their agenda.

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