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As ‘liberals’ and Islamists in India #StandWithIsrael, a deep dive into their profiles shows visceral hate for Hindus, Jews

It perhaps will not be completely incorrect to say that under the garb of Israel-Palestine conflict, some radicals in India are displaying their hate for Hindus in full glory.

As tensions mount between Israel and Palestine, the Muslim community from across the globe have registered their strong protest against Israel’s retaliatory response.

From taking to the streets to trending hashtags on social media, the community has been urging their respective nation to take a stand against Israel. Many have picked their sides and something similar is being witnessed in India too.

However, the Palestinian supporters in India now imply that the Indian supporters of Israel are nothing but communal and Islamophobic. Here’s the example.

Rana Ayyub an alleged journalist and ‘humanitarian’ as per her Twitter profile in her recent Tweet said, “Checked most of the #IndiaStandWithIsrael tweet handles. A common thread that runs through is a visceral hatred for Muslims and a bloodlust to see Muslims massacred and shown their place.  Most handles followed by one or more BJP minister or the PM himself.”

Nevertheless, a small glimpse into her own Twitter timeline reveals something else.

Rana Ayyub’s tweet

Last year in July, when the new COVID cases in India reached 55,000 figure, Ayyub dragged in the Ram Mandir at Ayodhya. On 5th August, 2020, just five days after this tweet, PM Modi was going to lay the foundation of the Bhavya Ram Mandir after court ruled in favour of Ram Lalla.

Some more of her hatred towards the Mandir, something the Hindus hold very close.

Rana’s tweet from November 2019

She was clearly upset over the Supreme Court ruling.

But here is how she wants the Islamic countries to stand up for Palestine.

Rana on Al Aqsa

The fact that she tweets only about retaliation of Israel and not of the attack carried out by Hamas and Islamic jihadist from Palestine speaks volumes of her own hypocrisy.

And this is not just Rana, but a lot of people in India who have shown solidarity with Israel.

Like how Ayyub claimed to have checked #IndiaStandWithIsrael handles to conclude Muslim-hate in India, we too looked at some #IndiaStandWithPalestine handles.

Here’s what we found. 

Bollywood actor Swara Bhaskar too has been Tweeting in support of Palestine, terming the ‘clash’ as ethnic cleansing. However, if one skims through her timeline, one will not find any such mentions for the post-poll violence in Bengal, on the contrary, Bhaskar has taken every opportunity to slam ‘Hindutva’ and ‘Sanghis’ in the ongoing conflict between nations miles away from India.

It is imperative to note that the terms ‘Sanghis’ and ‘Bhakts’ are loosely used by the left-wing in India as a slur to mock Hindus and BJP supporters.

Source: Twitter

Salman Nizami, a Congress party worker while standing strong with Palestine made sure to dehumanize ‘Sanghis’ and temples. Slamming BJP youth leader Tejasvi Surya for showing support to Israel, Nizami insinuating Indians as paupers, Tweeted “Beg Muslim nations for Oxygen/ Aid & praise Israel for killing Muslims. These Sanghis have no character!”

Source: Twitter

Sumaiya Khan who is supposedly AIMIM’s social media handler mocked Indians for supporting Israel using the same old jibe and also made her connection with Palestine clear. 

Source: Twitter

Sahahnawaz Ansari, allegedly a social media activist with 50,000 Twitter followers seems like a professional ‘Sanghi hater’ so to speak. In one of his Tweets, he threatened Hindus staying in Islamic countries for supporting Israel and asking them to rather come back to India to do the same. 

Source: Twitter

Some have gone as far as comparing Israeli supporters to fascists, narrow-minded and communal.

Source: Twitter

Quite ironic considering more than six million Jews were once murdered systematically by a fascist.

In fact, that is not it. Some of the Islamists in recent times have taken to adore Hitler for systematically killing the Jews. Pakistani actress Veena Malik misattributed a quote to Hitler and justified the killing of Israelis. Another Pakistan-based contributor to CNN had called for ‘another Hitler‘ as tensions between Israel and Palestine escalated. That was just another way of wishing death upon the Jews. Pakistanis on social media have also been urging their Prime Minister Imran Khan to nuke Israel due to the campaign against Hamas.

But you won’t see Ayyub condemning these tweets. In fact, these tweets, kind of people tweeting these things are encouraged by the very likes of Ayyub.

It perhaps will not be completely incorrect to say that under the garb of Israel-Palestine conflict, some radicals in India are displaying their hate for Hindus in full glory.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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