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Liberals refuse to call out Taliban over Danish Siddiqui’s killing, make it seem as if he died due to natural causes

The intriguing part of the matter is that hardly any of them mentioned Taliban in their condolence message and the language makes it appear as if Danish Siddiqui died due to some disease.

Reuters photojournalist Danish Siddiqui was killed by the Islamic terror organisation Taliban during clashes at Spin Boldak district in Kandahar, Afghanistan, on Friday. The photojournalist was killed in Kandahar province while he was on a reporting assignment embedded with Afghan security forces.

Danish Siddiqui, who earned great plaudits by clicking insensitive images of funeral pyres during the peak Covid-19 crisis in the country, was also part of the Reuters team that won the Pulitzer in 2018. The tragic death of Reuters photojournalist was condoled by several Indians, who also reminded how the photojournalist had displayed his insensitivity during the peak of Covid-19 by putting out images of deceased patients.

Several left-wing “liberal-secular” journalists also took to Twitter to condole the death of photojournalist Danish Siddiqui, who aggressively shared these images of the deceased photojournalist to pay some sort of tribute to him. However, the intriguing part of the matter is that hardly any of them mentioned Taliban in their condolence message.

Rana Ayyub spoke about Danish Siddiqui and his work revealing how he had a passion for photography. She also shared an image in which she was seen sitting next to the deceased journalist. The tone and tenor of the message, however, was rather perplexing. It appeared as if the photo journalist died as a consequence of some natural disease and not murdered by Islamic terrorists.

Manisha Pande from Newslaundry, also tread a similar path. She hailed Danish Siddiqui as a “remarkable chronicler” but refrained from condemning the Taliban.

The left-liberals were deeply pained by the death of Danish Siddiqui, and rightly so, who shared his ‘stunning’ images that were captured during various political events that occurred in the country in the past few years.

Arfa Khanum Sherwani, too expressed her tearful sorrow following Danish Siddiqui’s death, saying the Reuters journalist was a brave man. But again, not a word for the Taliban.

Yogendra Yadav, a career protestor, shared some photographs by Danish Siddiqui to make a political point. Yadav conveniently used the tragic death of a photojournalist to take potshots at the government but he had no words to offer against the Taliban.

Even Rahul Gandhi asked the Government of India to facilitate the return of Siddiqui’s mortal remains but again, even a faint condemnation of the hate that took his life was nowhere to be seen.

It is perplexing that not a single condolence message pointed towards the Islamic terror group that claimed Siddiqui’s life. Not a single liberal journalist had the moral fortitude to remark that he was killed by the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Liberals used his photography to make a political point but refused to mention that it was the Taliban that killed him during clashes with Afghan forces. Instead, they attempted to whitewash the incident and deflect the narrative by preaching about how one should take inspiration from Danish Siddiqui to question those in power.

The left-liberal intelligentsia could not even bring themselves to blame the Taliban for the cold-blooded murder of one of their own. Their condolence texts make it seem as if Siddiqui lost his life to some disease.

In simple words, the entire liberal intelligentsia blame Hindus and the incumbent government for the unfortunate death of a thief in some remote corner of the country. But the same set of people have now chosen silence over Taliban’s involvement in the killing of Danish Siddiqui. Even though one does not expect ‘liberals’ to conduct themselves fairly, the least that could be expected of them is to name and shame the killers of their own dear colleague who died performing his duty.

It is rather bizarre, but perhaps not entirely, that ‘liberals’ fear to speak about the crimes committed by Islamic terror groups against ordinary Muslims. Indeed, the choice of language speaks for itself. “Left too soon,” “died on duty” among others. Compare the language that was used to describe Stan Swamy’s death in jail following a cardiac arrest. On that occasion, terms such as “cold blooded murder” were used.

Now that a young journalist was killed by the Taliban, the language is used is unrealistically mild in comparison and none of the tweets condemn the terrorist group that killed him. It is indeed illuminating that those who claim to speak ‘truth to power’ are the first to crawl when asked to kneel.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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