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There is a potential rapist around the corner, pretending to dismantle Hindutva

Given the dangerous narrative being peddled, there might be a rapist, or at least someone who supports the rape of Hindu women, lurking in the shadows to dismantle Hindutva, or rather, to dismantle Hinduism and Hindus, so their ISIS-like dreams of a "liberal democracy" can be met.

The abominable conference, sponsored by over 60 US Universities and Departments called ‘Dismantling Global Hindutva’ was kickstarted today with the vilest comments being made by the panellists. At the very outset, there was a welcome admission of hate – Dismantling “Hindutva” is nothing but a euphemism for dismantling “Hinduism”.

A panelist said on the first day of the conference, “I take Hindutva as political Hinduism, not a distortion of an older tradition but a continuation of it.” The theme of the discussion was ‘caste and its foundational status in Hinduism’. The panelist who made the comment was apparently Meena Dhanda.

Here, the panellist admits that she does not believe Hindutva is different from Hinduism and considers the former to be the political wing of the latter. She leaves no room for doubt with regards to its interpretation after she says Hindutva is not a ‘distortion’ of an older tradition but a continuation of it. Quite clearly, the older tradition she refers to as Hinduism itself.

Another problematic statement that revealed the true intentions of the conference was made about Hindu women.

One panelist in the ‘Dismantling Global Hindutva’ conference said that Savarna women will have to become “caste traitors”. What this essentially means is that the speaker wants Upper Caste women to resign to the fact that their body is not theirs, to begin with. Muslim men and men from other castes, who the speaker appears to believe will have a god-given right on her body, to do as they see fit with it.

An essential aspect of it is that they want to use women for their political agenda. They want to use the tools of psychological manipulation and blackmail in order to achieve their objective. There is another objective here. They wish to give the impression that unless Upper Caste women are married off to men of other castes, then ‘casteism’ cannot be gotten rid of. Essentially, they are arguing that unless the marital preferences of entire communities are not altered, then casteism will prevail.

This is a bizarre manner of looking at things. Needless to say, ‘Casteism’ can be resolved without the psychological manipulation of women. But clearly, ending casteism is not their goal. Their objective is to set such impossible standards that they always have something to outrage against. Their objective is to conjure a boogeyman that can always be milked at such deluded conferences abroad for clout.

Of course, while defending this statement, the speaker and those who have the same thoughts as her are bound to say that she only meant to promote inter-caste marriage, but the rot is much deeper and the thought far more problematic.

Hindu women were captured once the King fell and were turned into sex slaves by the Islamic invaders. Their honour desecrated, their pride shattered. Hindu women preferred to burn themselves alive because the Islamic invaders did not just stop at taking Hindu women sex slaves and converting them to Islam by the sword or rape, but also violated their mortal remains. As the last act of vengeance against the Kafirs. As the final dishonour. Even in death, Hindu women were converted to Islam by the invaders’ and their army’s last act of rape. 

The saga of torturing women by taking them as wives and converting them to Islam was not just a phenomenon of the years gone by. In recent years too, the phenomenon of Grooming Jihad has been documented widely where Hindu women are raped, converted to Islam, brainwashed, fed beef and kidnapped. Essentially, for centuries, Kafir women have been fair game – either as spoils of war or as tools to spread one’s religion and/or ideology.

The speaker at the Dismantling Global Hindutva conference peddles the very same hate as some Leftists peddled in one of the Clubhouse conversations that was recorded. A man was propagating having “Hate sex with Sanghis” essentially dehumanising Sanghis, men or women, as objects that can be tortured and raped. When the argument is extended to caste wars, the narrative is not much different.

Whether it is the mythical goal of Hindu-Muslim unity or the aim of reformists to rightly end caste discrimination, Hindu women are often used as pawns, to be sacrificed at the altar of these social dreams of harmony. The end of tranquillity is sought to be achieved with the sacrifice of Hindu dignity time and time again. 

Social Justice warriors want Hindus to be acceptable, unquestioningly so, of Hindu women being married to Muslim men, even when the evidence suggests that more often than not, they might have violent and humiliating ends if the Hindu women refuse their total and utter subjugation at the hand of the other family. They peddle the ‘roti-beti ka rishta’ narrative as if the only way social distances between communities can be bridged is by Hindu families giving up their daughters, willingly or unwillingly.

And when Hindu families refuse to submit to these barbaric methods of “reform”, or rather, of dismantling a community brick by brick by capturing the women of the community, the entire community and all the adherents of Hinduism would be called Fascist.

Essentially, these champions of reform who are participating in the Dismantling Global Hindutva event are nothing but apologists for the torture and rape of a certain “kind” of women, identifiable by their caste, simply because they want Hinduism uprooted from its very core. Any religion, any culture survives because of its womenfolk. It is the women who make a home. It is the women who preserve Dharma and it is the women who ensure that the Gods are prayed too.. everyday. It is the women who nurture the next generations of Dharmics who will not let the religion itself die.

Even the Bhagwat Geeta, the word of Lord Krishna, says that a community is dismantled only when its women are attacked. And that is what this conference seems to be about. The aim is to dismantle Hinduism and the way to do that is by endorsing the torture and rape of Hindu women. Today, they are talking about Brahmin women, tomorrow, they will talk about how Hindu women, all Hindu women, have to make their bodies available to barbarians who will use that body to bring “liberal reform”.

Given the dangerous narrative being peddled, there might be a rapist, or at least someone who supports the rape of Hindu women, lurking in the shadows to dismantle Hindutva, or rather, to dismantle Hinduism, so their ISIS-like dreams of a “liberal democracy” can be met.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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Nupur J Sharma
Nupur J Sharma
Editor-in-Chief, OpIndia.

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