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Islamists invoke Babri verdict amid hijab controversy to incite Muslims against judiciary and Indian govt

Amidst these developments, attempts by radical Islamic elements to polarise the society in the name of hijab protests and at the same time radicalise the Muslim youth in the sensitive coastal areas of Karnataka have been going on full swing, with vocal support from the so-called 'secular-liberals'.

The ban on hijab in educational institutions in Karnataka and the subsequent protests across the country by Muslims is now showing all signs of taking a dangerous turn. The controversy that was erupted after the Karnataka state government asked the students to adhere to basic school uniform requirements has already transformed into a religious battle with a section of Muslims now insisting on sharia laws.

The Islamists now claim that some of the provisions in the Constitution are incompatible with the Islamic laws.

Gradually, the entire school uniform debate is being crystallised into a religious issue by one section of the society, who are hellbent on following the theocratic practices that are contrary to the secular ethos of the Constitution. However, the Islamists, who are inciting the young girls to fight their religious battle in the name of ‘hijab’, were left seething after the Karnataka High Court asked the school to adhere to the rules that are currently being enforced in the schools.

As the court proceedings are still ongoing, the court advised that all students should stick to the prescribed dress code of the educational institutions. But there were several instances reported when people defied the court’s advice and insisted on entry into schools and colleges with full-body burqas.

Thirteen female students from a Government High School in Karnataka’s Shivamogga district refused to sit for the SSLC (Class 10) preparation examination after their teacher asked them to remove their hijab before entering the classroom. Similar incidents have been reported from several other cities across Karnataka, where Muslim families have refused to send their daughters to school if school restricted the use of the hijab.

Amidst these developments, attempts by radical Islamic elements to polarise the society in the name of hijab protests and at the same time radicalise the Muslim youth in the sensitive coastal areas of Karnataka have been going on full swing, with vocal support from the so-called ‘secular-liberals’.

Islamists invoke Babri Masjid demolition event to radicalise Muslims

The Islamists in the country have been attempting to stoke more chaos in the society by rabble-rousing against the state. To radicalise more Muslims and bring them onto the streets against the secular state, some Islamists are hellbent on instigating violence between the communities.

As a section of Islamists think that the battle in the hijab controversy is almost lost, they are intending to display their street veto. To do so, they are indulging in provoking young Muslims by invoking events such as the Babri Masjid demolition, the same modus operandi that was used during the anti-CAA riots in 2019, that actually culminated in the Anti-Hindu Delhi riots leading to the death of 53 people.

Arif Ayyub, the brother of Islamist Rana Ayyub, who has been accused of swindling charity money, tried to incite Muslims by fearmongering, insinuating that the Indian judiciary is against Muslims and it will not uphold their religious rights.

Ayyub insinuated that Muslims should not wait for the High Court to deliver its judgement on the hijab row; instead, they should take matters into their own hands.

Arif Ayyub’s tweet

Continuing his rant, Arif Ayyub falsely claimed the daughters were “disrobed and humiliated” by the state. Comparing the ongoing ban on hijab in schools to the Babri Masjid controversy, the Islamist said that the whole controversy had been created to humiliate Muslim girls, which according to him, is being obliged by the courts.

When in reality, the Muslim students are merely being asked to follow the existing dress code of the schools, Ayyub compared it to ‘disrobing’.

Casting aspersions on the Indian judiciary, Arif Ayyub also said that the courts also ‘gifted the Babri Masjid away’, completely ignoring the fact that the disputed structure was deliberately raised on the place of birth of Lord Ram, after demolishing the existing Hindu temple.

Arif Ayyub’s tweet

Another Islamic troll attacked political and religious leaders and invoked the Babri Masjid case to compare it with the ongoing hijab controversy. He said that the political class, who they banked on, have ‘sold’ Babri Masjid, and they would also sell the hijab of Muslim women of India.

Inciting the Muslims, the Islamists said they are ‘doomed by the traitors masquerading as your political and religious leaders’.

Another Islamist handle named ‘Sheldon Cooper’, lamented on Twitter that people who told them to move on after the Babri Masjid demolition and not live in the past would tell them that the Muslims should move ahead and concentrate on education on the hijab issue.

Cooper said that everybody knew what happened after the Babri verdict and scaremongered that the Hindus were coming for Mathura. Provoking Muslims, he told the hijab controversy should not be seen in isolation, and it was part of the larger plan to “Hinduize” Indian Muslims. He claimed that the Hindus are testing the waters to check how Muslims react to it. If we don’t resist now, they will come for the next thing; he claimed to add that the Muslims are not dealing with people of principle or people with a moral compass.

In a way, the Islamists want Muslims of India to declare that they do not trust the Indian constitution and judiciary and start an open conflict with the Indian government.

Muslim mob unleash violence against Hindus

In fact, the violence against the Hindus has already started with angry Muslim mobs having unleashed attacks on innocent Hindus for publicly taking a stand to protect and promote the secular interests of the country. On Saturday, a Muslim mob in West Bengal’s Murshidabad resorted to violence against the school authorities for asking the girl students not to wear hijab or burqa inside the class.

Similarly, in another incident, a Muslim mob took to the streets to unleash violence on innocent Hindus for supporting the hijab ban. A group of Muslim youth brutally thrashed a youth named Nagaraj.

In another incident in the Malebennur town of Davangere district, a Muslim mob had attacked a person and stabbed him for allegedly uploading a post against hijab on his WhatsApp status. In another incident in Nallur village of Davangere district, another mob of Muslims had attacked a person and his 60-year-old mother for their alleged posts on social media on the hijab controversy. The 25-year-old Naveen and his 60-year-old mother Sarojamma were assaulted by the mob, who ransacked their house.

Well, perhaps, this is the kind of violence the Islamists like Arif Ayyub wants Muslims to indulge in, especially against the Hindus during the ongoing hijab controversy, as a response to the alleged “historical wrongs” that have been committed against them after Babri Masjid demolition.

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