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‘Our only fault is that we celebrated our festival’: The Hindu woman whose husband and 4 other family members are detained by Delhi Police

Durga Sarkar stated that despite her extensive search, she has heard nothing about the five members of her family. She stated that no one has stepped forward to assist them thus far.

Five members of the same Hindu family, including a juvenile, were detained following the rioting in Delhi’s Jahangirpuri, as OpIndia previously reported. Durga Sarkar, a Hindu woman, said that Delhi Police had taken her husband, brother-in-law, and three sons without giving out any details for their detention.

This family is notable for playing a key part in organising the Shobha Yatra on Hanuman Jayanti. The family is currently in financial distress. After all of the family’s men were detained, the people left in the family are now struggling to meet their basic needs.

Durga Sarkar stated that despite her extensive search, she has heard nothing about the five members of her family. She stated that no one has stepped forward to assist them thus far. The situation is deteriorating as all of the house’s men are being held by the cops. She claims that no one in the police department speaks to her properly and that she is forced to go around without any information about her family members.

Durga Sarkar, who was fatigued after returning from the police station, stated that no one is willing to talk to anybody there. She went to two police stations but was unable to get any information about her family members. 

According to the woman, the police should also take her because no one else is left to look after her. The family originally hails from Murshidabad, West Bengal. Her husband’s leg was injured, while her brother-in-law was hit on the head. Bricks and stones were hurled at both of them during the riots.

She stated that until the police administration is in place, there is nothing to be afraid of because peace is maintained presently. However, she is concerned about what will happen in the area once the police have left. Furthermore, they have got no assistance from the government or from anybody else till now.

The woman is currently the only one left in the house. Even she is unable to prepare food in her own home. “My family members are arrested in an unlawful manner,” she said. ” They were simply commemorating Hindu festivals. They were taken by the police, who stated that they were taking them for interrogation and that they would leave once the questioning was completed,” she added demanding that she be permitted to provide meals to her family members at the very least.

Her two boys help around the house in addition to their education. They set up shops near the house and help the family’s income. Her children, she claimed, do not steal or indulge in illegal activities. Instead, they work hard. She stated that the funds for the Hanuman Janmotsav Shobha Yatra were raised by the poor Hindus of the area themselves. Durga Sarkar’s sister has stepped forward to help her. They are without parents. No one else is on her side.

Durga Sarkar is the name of the victim woman, and Suken Sarkar is the name of her husband. Suraj, the eldest son, is 20 years old, while the second son is between the ages of 17 and 18. Even though the woman’s third son is a juvenile, the cops have taken him away. Sukesh Sarkar is the name of the woman’s brother-in-law. The family was arrested immediately by the police after Jamiat-e-Ulema leaders arrived in the area.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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