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OpIndia Ground Report: ‘Sakshi was probably killed after she knew Sahil was not Hindu, but Muslim’. Local journalist exposes Shahbad Dairy murder truth

Dev Singh, one of the local journalists while talking to OpIndia stated that there's a high possibility that the girl was killed by Sahil after she knew that he was a Muslim and not a Hindu

After the Shraddha Walkar murder case, the recently reported Sakshi murder case has shaken the nation. The Delhi Police arrested the accused Sahil Sarfarraz Khan from Bulandshahr in Uttar Pradesh, a day after he murdered Sakshi in the Shahbad Dairy area of Delhi on May 28. He stabbed the girl around 20 times and then crushed her head with a heavy stone lying around.

While the Police is investigating the love jihad angle in the case, team OpIndia visited the Shahbad Dairy area to learn that Sakshi was probably killed after she knew the original identity of the accused. It was reported earlier that Sahil wore kalava in his hand and that Sakshi had known him only as a Hindu person. The duo had engaged in a massive fight a day before the murder.

Dev Singh, one of the local journalists working for TezT24 news while talking to OpIndia stated that there’s a high possibility that the girl was killed by Sahil after she knew his original identity. “Sahil used to wear kalava in his hand. He had made the girl think that he belonged to the Hindu community. It might have happened that the girl came to know about Sahil’s identity and she tried to stay away from Sahil and then the murder happened,” he added

Singh also added that the girl had a black tattoo on her hand in the name of some Parveen. “A day before the murder the duo engaged in a massive fight on the same spot. The girl probably wanted to part ways with Sahil after knowing that he was a Muslim. The next day he called her and asked her to meet but she refused. He kept on pleading but to no avail. On May 28, the girl can be seen in the CCTV footage arriving in the area and then Sahil stabbed her after a small conversation,” he added.

‘Murder part of agenda being furthered by Islamists’

Dev Singh reportedly stays at a distance of two kilometres from the murder spot and was the first person to report the murder. He also revealed that Sahil had purchased the murder knife 15 days before the incident and could not control his anger during the murder. “He could have stabbed her 2 or 3 times, but he stabbed her like 20 times and also crushed her with a huge stone. What is this if not his anger? Was he drugged or drunk is not known but he seems to have lost control over himself during the murder,” Singh said.

Speaking on the love jihad aspect of the case, the local journalist asserted that it is part of the agenda being furthered by Islamists. “There are many like Sahil who operate like sleeper cells. These people trap innocent Hindu girls in ‘love’ affairs and then do mischief with them. If their identities are exposed, they murder. Recently Shraddha Walkar case happened where the girl was cut into 35 small pieces and stored in a refrigerator by Aftab. There are many incidents of love jihad that happen in the nearby area,” he noted adding that not even Hindu gents are spared by the Islamists.

The journalist also said that the accused are not scared of the Delhi Police and the families of the victims are scared of the accused instead. “They (families) sometimes fear that they might also get killed if they speak against the accused,” he said. He also said that the administration and the Delhi police create pressure and avoid media in such cases.

Sakshi’s body was half on the street, half in the gutter

Notably, on the day of the murder, Singh was the first one to reach the spot. He was informed by one of the locals that a girl had been killed in the area. “I reached within 10 minutes and saw Sakshi’s dead body was half lying in the gutter and half on the streets. The Delhi Police had already reached the location and on seeing the media, they began avoiding,” he said.

Singh also said that some of Sakshi’s friends had also reached the spot and were avoiding speaking about the matter. They were probably fearing Sahil and he was not arrested by then.

It was earlier reported that Neetu broke her silence after the Delhi Police arrested the accused. She confirmed that Sakshi and Sahil had been fighting for some reason for the past few days. Meanwhile, another friend of hers named Aarti said that Sakshi knew Sahil as a Hindu boy.

Neetu, Sakshi’s friend broke silence after Sahil got arrested

On Sunday (May 28, 2023), Sakshi was going to attend the birthday of her friend Neetu’s son. Neetu was one of her close friends and she used to often stay at her place as Neetu’s husband is in jail. Neetu informed the media after the murder that Sahil and Sakshi knew each other for 3-4 years. “For the past few days, they had been fighting over some issues and Sakishi didn’t want to talk to Sahil. She had gone out to buy some stuff for my son’s birthday but she never returned,” Neetu said.

Neetu said that Sakshi was approached by Sahil while she was waiting for one of their friends named Aarti. As per Neetu, the duo happened to engage in a fight and then Sahil, who had already come with the intention to murder, stabbed her around 20 times. He also crushed the victim’s head with a concrete block leading to her instant death.

The CCTV footage of the heinous murder also emerged and the same has been going viral over the internet. Delhi Police have registered an FIR in the case following a complaint by the victim’s father. Along with Sahil, his father Sarfaraz has been taken into custody by the police.

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