Friday, April 16, 2021
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BJP’s performance was nothing short of phenomenal even as Karnataka stopped short of giving them majority

The state might be in for another spell of bad governance because of its fractured mandate.

Congress’ latest allegations against BJP leader Sriramulu have gaping loopholes that cannot be ignored

Congress's allegations have gaping loopholes that cannot be ignored.

Worldwide propagation of Indian classical arts should be an integral part of the Hindutva project

It is the responsibility of Hindutva-wadis to preserve, spread and propagate our culture worldwide. 

In a hilarious faux pas Siddaramaiah says ‘every vote for Narendra Modi is a vote for me’

The Modi factor has particularly rattled the current chief minister Siddaramiah.

A ground report from the Modi rally in Tumakuru, Karnataka

The winds are blowing in favour of BJP in Karnataka

Power over opinion: Doval’s old speech highlights the nature of the ‘information war’ we see today

Governments, strategists and nationalists must be ready for this battle over opinions and ideas.

Jinnah sympathisers tacitly support two-nation theory under the garb of ‘secularism’, and India can’t have that

I request this cabal to make its stand clear on their support or opposition to Jinnah instead of playing the victim card.

By demanding uninterrupted Hindi speech from Modi, Udupi serves a crisp response to language chauvinists

It would be safe to claim that a majority of Kannadigas love their language, love Modi and don't hate Hindi. 

Karnataka should vote out Siddaramaiah and Congress to save the state from irreversible damage

Congress' brand of politics must be rejected completely and outrightly to save the state from irreversible damage. 

The Congress ecosystem retaliates against the Judiciary

It is also a warning for future judges who dare to anger the Congress party in future. 

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