Friday, April 16, 2021
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Nithesh S

‘The Hindu’ must apologise for carrying an article that insults martyrs of Indo-China war

When the torch bearers of secular liberal cabal mocks nationalism and label it as jingoism, they are not joking.

Hindus are more confused than ever before in modern India

Hindus have tied up our hands in the name of 'secularism' which makes us incapable of protesting against minority appeasement. 

JK Congress Chief G A Mir had supported Hindu Ekta Manch’s demand in Kathua rape case

It remains to be seen if the Congress party will own up to its state party chief's statement 

Journalist claims she was groped and ‘lynched’ in Rahul Gandhi’s midnight march

Women had a tough time at the Congress' midnight march

How Reginald Dyer, the General who ordered Jallianwala Bagh massacre, was honoured by some Indians

It is tragic to know some Indians had honoured the British butcher

Sonia Gandhi began and ended her Presidentship without getting more than 30% votes in general elections

The 31% jibe against Narendra Modi is nothing but a juvenile argument.

Remembering Arya Samaj – A pioneering initiative in reviving Hinduism

Swami Dayananda Saraswati proposed a Hindu response to missionary activities of Abrahamic faiths.

Farooq Ahmed Dar – A manufactured victim?

Farooq Ahmed Dar's 'ordeal' has its origins in the attitude of Kashmiri society

Why it is cool to be a Hindu

Sanatan Dharma offers freedom to the individual, yet guides the person in their spiritual journey.

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