Tuesday, July 27, 2021


Pakistan plans ‘advance booking’ of Coronavirus vaccine, top govt adviser had supported Chinese vaccine over Pfizer’s

Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, has cleared the decks for the advance booking of the coronavirus vaccine.

Darul Uloom Haqqania: The ‘University of Jihad’ in Pakistan that routinely sends ‘graduates’ to fill the ranks of Taliban and other terror orgs

Darul Uloom Haqqania has been the terror factory of Pakistan, indoctrinating and radicalising youth into extremist ideologies.

Children beaten up, tortured, sexually abused and shackled in chains by teachers in several Islamic schools in Sudan: Report

The documentary shared by BBC throws light on the depraved conditions of the children studying in Islamic schools in Sudan

Egypt unearths over 100 ancient coffins from Saqqara’s 2500-year-old burial site

Egypt announces a major archeological finding of over 100 ancient coffins at a 2500 year-old burial site at Saqqara.

Pakistan: Islamist political party laments govt crackdown on Namazis protesting against France instead of ‘fighting Hindus’

The situation is tense in Pakistan yet again as (TLP) supporters protested against France in Rawalpindi.

Twitter ‘fact-checks’ US President Trump’s tweet on election victory, ends up spreading misinformation: Here is how

Donald Trump is yet to offer a concession speech and a concession speech is extremely unlikely anytime soon.

‘I’m going cut you like Samuel Paty’: Minor Muslim student threatens school teacher in France during discussion on freedom of expression

The attack on Samuel Paty was a grim reminder on how Islamists often use Prophet Mohammed cartoons as an excuse to carry out attacks across the globe

Pope Francis caught ‘liking’ a bikini model’s bawdy picture on Instagram

The official Instagram account of Pope Francis, the bishop of Rome and the head of Vatican Church, had apparently liked a raunchy photo of a bikini model's suspenders picture on Instagram

China: Popular Tibetan influencer’s murder caught live on camera exposes the communist country’s flawed legal system

Popular Tibetan influencer Lhamo was burnt alive by her-ex-husband when she was live streaming from her kitchen.

‘I concede NOTHING!’: Donald Trump makes it clear he is unlikely to offer a concession speech anytime soon, claims there is a ‘long way...

US President Donald Trump again on Sunday made it clear that he will not be delivering a concession speech anytime soon.

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