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In its 50 years of reign on independent India, the Congress ecosystem has nurtured and sheltered many such misdeeds.
Thakor Sena, headed by Alpesh Thakor had decided to withdraw support from Congress
As per reports, Alpesh Thakor is likely to join the BJP tomorrow in presence of BJP President Amit Shah
Apart from political prowess, power and success, personality and looks is another department where PM Modi is making his rivals fume.
Fearing its defeat Congress is now trying backdoor tactics to ensure reduced competition in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.
Rahul Gandhi conveniently forgets that it is his party leaders like Kamal Nath and Alpesh Thakor who have recently tried playing hate politics
instead of his own party president Rahul Gandhi, Amethi Congress chief Yogendra Mishra questions Smriti Irani about scarcities in Amethi.
Along with this, a list consisting of in-charge in each of 26 Lok Sabha constituencies was also declared.
The celebration is seen as an attempt by the Congress to win back a section of the upper castes who have recently gravitated towards the BJP
Members of the Congress party, one after the other, seen instigating violence in Gujarat
Gujarat congress leader, Alpesh Thakor to sit on a fast after allegations of creating hatred against migrants surfaced
Violence had erupted in Gujarat against non-Gujaratis following the rape of a 14-month old infant.
Congress leader of opposition in Gujarat defends Alpesh Thakor, after he was accused of instigating violence against migrants;
In the videos, Congress MLA could be seen threatening that he will lead a bloody protest
Alpesh Thakor has announced that he will sit on an indefinite fast from the 11th of October.
With the race to 2019 general elections heating up and 5 states heading to polls before 2019, the media seems to be in overdrive
The violence follows rape of a minor girl allegedly by a migrant from Bihar
The Patidar agitation led by him brought the state to a standstill in 2015.
This comes 2 days after the trio raided a house and recovered 2 pouches of country liquor
Without an ideological identity, Congress will continue to fail
2017 will conclude with one of the most exciting elections in recent times.

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