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Over a hundred little known filmmakers, who very few people have heard of, have issued a joint statement asking people to vote the BJP out of power. Coming under the banner of 'Save Democracy', the artists claim that they have come together "to protect the democracy of the country."
He said he has evidence that shows the 'Award wapsi' campaign was orchestrated and managed by a few with political agenda
Exclusive interview with Madhur Bhandarkar, where he talks about the movie and Bollywood’s hypocrisy.
Mishra said that communal divide had always existed in the country and everyone, including Congress and Left, had only worked to widen it.
Writers calling themselves as “liberals” and “tolerant” force Vikram Sampath, Founder Director of Bangalore Literature Festival, to quit.
When Hindus started recognizing their identity, the Western media became quick to brand them intolerant
A list of all the eminent people who have slammed award wapsee
Award Wapsee is drawing criticism from Scientists
A deeper look into the backgrounds of some writers who returned their Sahitya Akademi awards

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