Home Entertainment Over 100 little known filmmakers issue joint statement, urge people to vote against BJP

Over 100 little known filmmakers issue joint statement, urge people to vote against BJP

Calling the 2019 General Elections the "last chance", the filmmakers urged people to vote for an alternative that "respects the Constitution".

Over a hundred little known filmmakers, who very few people have heard of, have issued a joint statement asking people to vote the BJP out of power. Coming under the banner of ‘Save Democracy’, the artists claim that they have come together “to protect the democracy of the country.”

Claiming that “Fascism” is looming over the country, the filmmakers said, “As we all know, ever since the BJP came to power in 2014, things have changed. And only for the worse. A country polarised along religious lines isn’t the India we have known. Besides, the BJP and its allies have failed miserably in keeping their election promises. They are now using mob lynching and cow vigilantism to split the country communally. Marginalizing Dalits and Muslims is the name of the game. They are spreading their hate campaigns with the help of the internet and social media.”

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They added, “Patriotism is their trump card. Any individual or institution that raises the slightest dissent is labeled ‘anti-national’. ‘Patriotism’ is how they grow their vote bank. Let us not forget that some of our eminent writers and media persons lost their lives because they dared to dissent.”

The artists also accused the BJP of “exploiting” the Armed Forces. They stated, “Romanticizing and exploiting the armed forces is one of their strategies, even at the risk of engaging the nation in an unnecessary war. There is an unrelenting onslaught on the cultural and scientific institutions in the country. They mock the collective intelligence of the people by appointing persons with no relevance or experience as heads of these institutions, propagating unscientific and irrational beliefs even at international science seminars, making us the laughing stock of the entire world. Banning and censoring ‘works of art’, especially the most powerful of the lot – Cinema and Books – is their way of keeping the population away from the truth.”

Calling the 2019 General Elections the “last chance”, the filmmakers urged people to vote for an alternative that “respects the Constitution”. “We urge all of you to do everything in your capacity to keep this harmful regime from coming back to power. Let your mandate be to choose a government that respects the Constitution of India, protects our freedom of speech and expression, and refrains from all kinds of censorship,” they stated.

The names of the people who have issued the statement are as follows:

  1. Aashiq Abu
  2. Abhijnan Sarkar
  3. Abhro Banerjee
  4. Ajayan Bala
  5. Ambika Rao
  6. Amitabha Chatterjee
  7. Amshan Kumar
  8. Amudhan R
  9. Anand Patwardhan
  10. Aneez K Mappila
  11. Anirudda Sharma
  12. Anjali Monteiro
  13. Anupama Bose
  14. Arun Karthick
  15. Arun M
  16. Arun N Sivan
  17. Asha Unnithan
  18. Babu Easwar Prasad
  19. Baburaj V G
  20. Baburaj Pandavath
  21. Bina Paul
  22. C S Venkateswaran
  23. Dar Ghai
  24. Devashish Makhija
  25. Debjani Banerjee
  26. Debalina
  27. Deepa Dhanraj
  28. Deepesh T
  29. Dileep Daz
  30. Divya Bharathi
  31. Gobi Nayanar
  32. Goutham Soorya
  33. Gurvinder Singh
  34. Indrasis Acharya
  35. Indraneel Lahiri
  36. Jayan Cheriyan
  37. Jeeva K J
  38. Jeeva Ponnuchamy
  39. Jiju Antony
  40. Jisha
  41. Jhelum Roy
  42. Jubith Namradath
  43. Kabir Singh Chowdhry
  44. K B Venu
  45. K P Jayashankar
  46. Kombai S Anwar
  47. Kamal K M
  48. Leela Santhosh
  49. Leena Manimekalai
  50. Madhupal
  51. Maheen Mirza
  52. Malini Jeevarathnam
  53. Manisha Korde
  54. Manoj Kana
  55. MG Sasi
  56. Miransha Naik
  57. Maulik Raj
  58. Muhsin Parari
  59. Nishtha Jain
  60. P F Mathews
  61. Padmakumar Narasimhamurthy
  62. Pradeep Nair
  63. Pradeep Dipu
  64. Prakash Bare
  65. Pramod Payyannur
  66. Prasanna S Kumar
  67. Pratap Jospeh
  68. Prateek Vats
  69. Praveen Morchhale
  70. Prem Chand
  71. Priyanandanan
  72. Pushpendra Singh
  73. Q
  74. Rafeeq Ellias
  75. Ranjith Sankaran
  76. Rinchin
  77. Ritesh Sil
  78. Sajeevan Anthikkad
  79. Saji Palamel
  80. Sajin Baabu
  81. Sanalkumar Sasidharan
  82. Sandhya Goghale
  83. Sanjay Wadhwa
  84. Sanju Surendran
  85. Santosh Babusenan
  86. Sapna Bhavnani
  87. Sarvnik Kaur
  88. Satish Babusenan
  89. Shaji Mathew
  90. Sherief Easa
  91. Sherry Govindan
  92. Sreebala K Menon
  93. Subhash KR
  94. Sudevan
  95. Sukhpreet Kahlon
  96. Suman Mukhopadhyay
  97. Sunny Joseph
  98. Suresh Achoos
  99. Unni Vijayan
  100. 100.Vetri Maaran
  101. 101.Venu ISC
  102. 102.Viju Varma
  103. 103.Vinu Kolichal

During the run-up to the 2014 General Elections as well, various celebrities had come out against Narendra Modi. Many of them, with ostensibly higher popularity, had participated in the intolerance drama as well.

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