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Ayman al-zawahiri

Ex-Minister and Imran Khan aide insinuates that had the former PM been in power in Pakistan, al-Zawahiri might have still been alive

Ex-Pakistan minister Shireen Mazari insinuated that al-Zawahiri would have been alive if Imran Khan were in power.

Ayman al-Zawahiri, killed in US drones strike, stayed at home owned by aide of NYTimes columnist Siraj Haqqani, was moved from Pakistan to Kabul...

US President Joe Biden yesterday said Ayman al-Zawahiri was killed in a precision strike attack.

‘Not surprised’: Karnataka CM orders probe into the Al-Qaeda video lauding pro-hijab protester Muskaan

Karnataka CM Basavaraj Bommai ordered a probe into a video by Al-Qaeda in support of pro-Hijab protests

Terror org Al-Qaeda chief recites poem for burqa-clad protestor during Karnataka hijab row, incites Indian Muslims to take to violence

In the video titled "The Noble Woman of India", which carried an infographic depicting Muskan Zainab Khan, Zawahiri recited and dedicated a poem he had composed to praise Khan.

Al-Qaeda chief urges Indian Muslims to wage an armed war against the country after Islamists from Arab accused India of Islamophobia

Yemen's Al-Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula(AQAP) which is a globally banned terror outfit issued a statement accusing India waging war against Muslims in the country.

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