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US: Rats chew 6-month-old baby’s body parts, 50 bite marks found on body of the infant kept in a trash-filled rat-infested room

A 6-month-old baby boy in the United States was nearly eaten alive by rats that bit him over 50 times while he slept in his crib this past week

The ‘Ruler vs the Ruled’ Culture and Babudom: It is time the Modi govt drained the swamp. Here is why

A babu drained an entire reservoir to find his lost mobile phone. It is time Modi Sarkar drains the swamp known as babudom and IAS. The officer allegedly said the water is “stale and unfit for any use”. Well, you can exactly say that of Indian bureaucracy.

Karnataka: A female IPS officer shares private photos of a female IAS officer on social media

Karnataka's home minister Araga Jnanendra said, "We are not sitting quiet, action will be taken against them. They both are behaving in such a bad way - not even normal people speak on the streets like this."

Dog walking in Thyagraj stadium: IAS couple Sanjeev Khirwar and Rinku Dugga transferred by MHA to Ladakh and Arunachal

MHA transferred IAS officer Sanjeev Khirwar to Ladakh while his wife Rinku Dugga was transferred to Arunachal Pradesh.

Former judges, bureaucrats, and armed forces veterans slam ex-bureaucrats who blamed BJP after Jahangirpuri violence

There has been a counter-letter from 8 former judges, 97 retired bureaucrats, and 92 armed forces veterans who have slammed the group of ex-bureaucrats for their politically motivated letter.

As Hindus get attacked in Jahangirpuri, How ex-bureaucrats write another rant to PM Modi alleging ‘hate against Muslims’

Now in yet another move, over a hundred ex-bureaucrats have written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to condemn the "politics of hate" allegedly practised by state governments under BJP's control.

SP friendly ex-bureaucrat mocks humble roots of new UPSC chief Dr Manoj Soni, reduces him to ‘agarbatti seller’

Left-lIberals mock new UPSC chief Dr Manoj Soni for his humble roots, call him uneducated Hinduvadi

Freebies may lead to financial crisis like in Sri Lanka and Greece, top officers flag concerns with Prime Minister Modi

Senior officials expressed alarm over populist initiatives and freebies promised by political parties during elections.

Did you know: Farooq Ahmed Dar aka Bitta Karate, the butcher of Kashmiri Hindus, is married to KAS officer, wife says it is an...

Bitta Karate's wife, Assabah Khan is currently working as Directorate of Rural Development, Kashmir. She is a 2009 KAS passout.

Centre allows bureaucrats to retain gifts valued up to Rs 5,000 received from foreign dignitaries

Gifts received by Civil Services Officers from foreign dignitaries will have to submitted to the toshakhana for evaluation and if found valued above Rs 5,000, the difference amount could be paid to retain them

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